The United States has experienced substantial growth in its 65 and older population. In the past decade, this aging population has grown by over a third. If you have aging parents or in-laws, the question of their future care may be a concern for you.

Find out how you can help with the addition of an in-law suite!

What Is an In-Law Suite?

A mother-in-law suite is an addition to your home. It could be a whole floor, an area, or even its own separate house. Common areas include basements or wings of the home.

It is designed to help keep an aging loved one close while allowing them and you to have your own separate space.

Mother-In-Law Suite Costs

Depending on the needs of your loved one, costs may vary. In addition, costs will differ based on how big or small you intend to go with your new space.

If you’re worried about the cost of this renovation here’s something to keep in mind. The average cost of a nursing home facility in the United States is over $90,000. Think of the savings you will get with the mother-in-law suite option!

Also, adding such a renovation can help you add value to your home. Don’t forget you may also need to acquire permits or permission from the city or community that you live in.

Mother-In-Law Suite Ideas

There are certain needs that your loved one may have that require special designs. This may include certain accessibility standards. It’s best to sit down and think about what exactly you will need out of your mother-in-law suite plans.

Think about integrating technology into your plans as it will help make care easier. It’s important to find ways to include everything that they need. This includes space for sleeping, lounging, bathroom activities, and eating. 

Should You Get One?

An in-law suite can be beneficial to everyone involved. It gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your loved one is properly taken care of. Plus, the addition of this feature can increase the value of your home.

Your loved one will feel more at ease in a familiar place with their family. They will have the opportunity to spend more time with everyone while having their own comfortable space to return to.

In times that you do not need the space for caregiving, you can repurpose the area. Rent it out or use it for guests when they are in town.

Helping Take Care of Your Family

An in-law suite is a great way to make some space for your aging loved one. There are amazing benefits to you and them. This option will make everyone sleep a little easier. Just as your parents cared for you as a child, you can repay them by giving them the same courtesy.

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