St Louis Holiday Tornadoes

St Louis had had it’s share of holiday tornadoes and Good Friday was not so good for folks in St Louis City, St Louis Country and St Charles County all in Missouri. Lambert International Airport is completely shut down from the damage of last evening’s tornadoes. It was really bad.

St Louis International Airport

The airport is destroyed. The tornado raked the entire length of of the terminals. It looks as if it had been strafed by war plains. Planes were actually blown away from the concourse as the tornado’s wind hit the tails of the aircraft. One plane aborted the take off only to be tossed about and stranded on the runway for hours.’s home is in the greater St. Louis area. We are known for our changing weather. “If you don’t like the weather, wait a couple of hours and it will change”. On New Years Eve an EF3 tornado ripped it’s way down our street. One hour after the tornado the temperature dropped  30 degrees.

A Great Country

We live in a great country where the spirits of ordinary people are stirred to help their neighbors. This morning, as the daylight split the darkness, people were calling into the TV and radio news outlets asking where they could sign up to volunteer to help. School and churches opened there doors last night to offer relief for anyone seeking a place to dry out or get a hot meal or a place to rest their heads.

Thousands are with out electrical power and four more days of the same training rain and the possibility of severe storms and flash flooding are forecast. I have lived here in St Louis over 60 years. I can not remember anything as wild as it has been across America this year.

Easter Prayer

My Easter prayer is to thank God for keeping the angel of death away by passing over us. There were no deaths reported and we pray that it stays that way.

Emergencies are Hard on the Elderly

Times like this are especially hard on the elderly in care facilities, in home care, or those who live along. Any change in their routine can be enough for them to become confused and anxious. Thank God they have been rescued and found good places to stay and care for their needs

We will persevere. The clean up as begun. We hope and pray the the storms stop and the sun will shine on those who have come into harms way. Have a wonderful Easter and a happy Passover.