3 Products to help you care for your elderly parent at Home

There are so many products out there today for elder care at home that I though it might be helpful to share some of my favorites with you, my readers. These three elder home care products have proven to be really helpful for us, when my wife and I were giving care to our aging parent in our mother in law suite. I hope they will be of help to you and your family too.

1) Airgo Navigator Rollator and Transport Chair

Airgo Navigator: Light Weight Rollator and Transport Chair

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Mobility is a major priority in helping your aging parent to be as independent as possible and enjoy a high quality of life. With so many walkers, rollators transport chairs and other products out there, it can be a challenge to find the right one. We chose the Airgo Navigator because it is really light weight at only 21lbs and folds to a very small size for easy transport. Its ability to convert to a transport chair is a real benefit in case your loved on needs to take a rest while you are out with them. It also has a convenient place to sit down in case they need to take a break when moving around in the home and your not around.

2)Sliding Seat Transfer Bench

Sliding Swivel Seat Transfer Bench

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The bathroom is the most dangerous place in the home for an elderly person. More injuries occur there than any other room of the house. When it come time to help your loved one into or out of the shower it can be extremely difficult and dangerous for both of you. This transfer bench has a sliding seat function that make this potentially hazardous activity much easier and safer for both the aging parent and the caregiver. It’s light and easy to install too.

3) Bed Wedge or Acid Reflux Pillow

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This may seem like an odd thing to have on the list for elderly home care products but its actually really useful. Not only does it help to ease acid reflux symptoms also know as GERD but it is really great for reading in bed, watching TV, or any other activity that would be better in a comfortable raised position. They come in several different heights to suit your needs, though you may want more than one. You will definitely want to grab one for yourself too, I did and I use mine every night to help with acid reflux and have totally stopped taking my acid reflux medication.(always consult your physician before making changes to your medications) My daughter even used a wedge pillow throughout the last few months of her pregnancy and it helped her too.

So that’s my top three products for elder care at home. They are simple and low tech, but very helpful and practical. If you have some products that you think should be on the list or other suggestions please leave us a comment below.

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