Are you looking for a new cell phone for your elderly loved one. With so many cell phones to choose from, it can be hard to know that you’re making the best purchase. As technology continues to advance, cell phones with advanced features are more common. You want to choose a cell phone that your loved one is able to easily use. The good news is there are many phones available for seniors. Take a look at the following guide to learn more about some of the best senior cell phones.

Many caregivers choose from one of the many senior cell phone options from Tracfone. One of the benefits of purchasing a Tracfone phone is the fact that these phones are as low as $19.99. Most Tracfone phones also have vary simple features that allow for anyone to easily use. Their LG 410G has extremely basic features with large buttons for easy of use. Tracfone cell phone plans are also extremely affordable. You have the option to purchase a monthly plan, or to add minutes when needed. This is especially beneficial for seniors who don’t use the phone on a regular basis. There’s no sense in purchasing a cell phone plan with too many minutes. A Tracfone can serve as a great emergency phone option.

Greatcall also offers great plans and mobile phone options for the elderly. Their feature phone, the Jitterbug, is extremely easy to use. These phones have great features such as enhanced speaker phone capabilities and extra large buttons. This helps seniors by keeping away the many unnecessary and confusing phone features. Greatcall also offers many different monthly plans to fit each senior’s needs. If you loved one wants to text, talk during the evening or take part in unlimited calling, Greatcall offers these options. Many elderly individuals enjoy the phones and service available through this company.

Many people also consider purchasing the Just5 cell phone. With so many features, it’s a great mobile phone option for seniors. Not only are the buttons big and easy to push, but the phone also repeats back each number that is pressed to ensure accuracy. This cell phone also has an emergency SOS button on the back. In an emergency, seniors are able to use the SOS button to get help. The phone automatically sends a text message to 5 pre-set emergency phone numbers, alerting the need for help. The phone will then automatically begin dialing each number until someone connects. Util someone connects to a call, the phone will make an emergency siren noise to attract attention. Once connected, the phone automatically connects in speaker phone mode so that the senior is able to talk hands-free. This can be a great emergency tool. This phone also has extremely affordable monthly rates and works with AT&T and T-Mobile service.

You can find the perfect phone for your elderly loved one. As technology continues to improve, you can make sure that you don’t overwhelm your loved one. There are many great, easy-to-use phone options for seniors.