Do you have aging parents who want to live in their own home as long as possible? Are you worried about the potential risks that can come with aging in place?

Nearly one-third of seniors live alone. They enjoy the independence and freedom of aging in place, even if it is more dangerous for them to do so.

One way to improve the safety and quality of life when aging in place is to invest in technology for seniors.

Keep reading to learn what technology can benefit seniors when aging in place.

Medical Technology for Seniors

Medical alert systems are a common yet effective measure in preventing a bad situation from getting worse.

Devices such as the VitalBand have an emergency voice call-out system and fall-detection capabilities. They also track vital signs, physical activity, and sleep quality, while providing medication reminders. VitalBands charge on the wrist and are water-proof, allowing for 24/7 wear.

Another form of medical technology for seniors is automated medicine dispensers. Automated medicine dispensers can ensure that seniors are taking the correct pills at the right time. Such dispensers have customizable medication schedules and may even connect to an app to track pill doses and consumption.

Home Security and Safety

One way to improve the safety of seniors aging in place is to install video doorbells.

Video doorbells allow seniors to see and speak to someone outside their door. They also provide the ability to remotely unlock the door if seniors have limited mobility or in case of emergency.

Another form to increase the safety of senior living is to install smart home devices. Smart home devices allow seniors to live in their homes in a more safe and convenient manner. They can be used to monitor electrical devices, allowing you to make sure that things like the oven and lights are not accidentally left on.

Technology to Improve Quality of Life

There are several devices for seniors that can be used to improve their quality of life by providing entertainment or ways to communicate.

Smart speakers, such as Alexa, can set audio reminders, make calls, play music, and much more. Smart speakers are beneficial for seniors who are not adept with technology or have limited mobility.

ElliQ is a robot with proactive cognitive artificial intelligence designed to lessen social isolation and loneliness. ElliQ initiates conversation and also encourages seniors to talk with loved ones. It also gives seniors reminders to take medication, among other things.

GrandPad is designed to be accomodating towards seniors who are not tech-savvy. It enables seniors to video chat with loved ones within a private family network and gives seniors access to games and music.

Invest in Technology for Seniors Today

Technology for seniors can make aging in place safer and provide aging parents the ability to have a better quality of life.

Whether it is a device to make sure your aging parents are safe and healthy or technology to help them keep in touch with friends and family, investing in technology for seniors can help keep them safe and healthy as they age in place.

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