Do you need extra space for your or your spouse’s parent?

Consider building a mother-in-law suite! This home addition adds an apartment-like space on your property or attached to your home.

Read on to learn the benefits of allowing your family to age in place with a mother-in-law-suite.


Family dynamics can complicate holidays. You and your spouse both want to spend time with your own family without separating, but that can bring together a lot of colorful personalities. Then, you run into trouble when somebody else gets a divorce but you want to see both of them.

A mother-in-law suite solves all sorts of struggles. It creates extra space and allows for separation to avoid conflicts.

It also works nicely if your parent wants to host their party and you want to host one with other guests, because you can easily attend theirs and still hold your own.


Living far apart from your parents can make it difficult to see them as often as you’d like. Between work, kids, responsibilities, and social life, your visits can fall far and in between.

An inlaw suite helps protect and strengthen those important family relationships. It becomes especially important when you lose one parent and the other feels lonely. 

Child Care

Early childcare costs American families, collectively, $42 billion each year. This number reflects hard-working Americans who work to spend a good portion of their money to leave their children in a daycare or with a babysitter.

Keeping family in a mother-in-law suite may significantly cut child care costs when your family member is still capable of caring for children. Plus, you can go to work feeling a sense of ease knowing that your little one is spending time with family.

Living Costs

Keeping an extra apartment for your loved one can get costly. As they age, their expenses may fall on you more and more. Though it may cost some money upfront to build the addition, it will save you from bigger expenses in the long run.

Aging Needs

As your loved one grows older, their need for help will expand. To keep them properly cared for, it can cost anywhere from $57,000 to over $100,000 annually for your loved one to stay in a nursing home, depending on which state you live in. 

You can cut the cost and your concern for their wellbeing by keeping them in a home attached to your house. This way, you can easily assist them with their increasing needs.


You could put your aging parent in a spare bedroom within your own home. But, that does not leave much room for privacy.

While you want to keep your parents close, sometimes too close creates frustrations. Knowing they live safely next door while you get time to yourselves can feel like such a relief.

Let Your Loved One Age In Place

Allow your loved one to age in place. Moving them into the inlaw suite means they will not need to move again when they need extra care since you live connected.

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