Did you know that 28% of seniors live alone? Social isolation and loneliness can increase the risk of dementia and cause other health-related risks.

Technology for seniors is a great way to combat loneliness by providing connection, entertainment, and more.

Keep reading to learn five apps that seniors should have.

1. Video Calling Apps

Technology for seniors makes a lot of things easier, including catching up with family and friends that may be distant.

If seniors have an iPhone, they can use the pre-downloaded FaceTime app to connect with others. If seniors have an Android, Google Duo is typically already installed.

Skype, Google Duo, and Zoom can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device. FaceTime is only available for iOS users. Zoom is the best app for group calls so seniors can get together with their loved ones at the same time.

2. GoodRx

One of the best apps for seniors is GoodRx. Elderly adults with costly prescriptions can cut down their costs with a simple download.

GoodRx is free and allows seniors to find the best coupons and prices to save on prescriptions. The app is able to offer major discounts because it compares prices from over 70,000 pharmacies to find the lowest cost.

3. Lively

Technology for the elderly can save lives. If a senior is in a position where they need urgent care, the Lively app can help. Aging in place is ideal for a lot of seniors, but it can be dangerous.

Lively is an urgent-response app that connects seniors to an agent when they are experiencing a medical emergency, feeling unsafe, or have fallen.

With one tap, the app can track the senior via GPS and call the local authorities, loved ones, or medical professionals.

If seniors have a smartwatch, they can connect it to the app. Seniors can also purchase a Lively medical alert device to be used in case of emergency.

4. Facebook

It’s no secret that a lot of older adults are on Facebook. Facebook allows seniors to stay connected in a more technologically advanced way.

Not only can seniors talk to their family and friends with ease, but Facebook allows them to share their views, thoughts, videos, photos, and much more!

Seniors don’t have to get on the computer to access this app. They can enjoy social connection anywhere by downloading the iOS or Android Facebook app.

5. Games

Apps for senior citizens provide entertainment in situations that may otherwise be boring. Retirement is great, but what can you do with days to yourself?

Downloadable games are a great way to stay entertained and even keep seniors’ minds sharp.

The world is increasingly digital, so there are a lot of classic game apps that seniors can download. Gaming options are almost endless, seniors are likely to find their favorites.

Technology for Seniors: Try These Apps!

Many seniors have smartphones and are learning to use technology to stay connected to family and friends. Technology for seniors has advanced far enough to be a helpful tool.

These five apps can help seniors stay connected, get emergency help, find cheaper prescriptions, and stay entertained.

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