In this economy, spacious living quarters that are also affordable can be hard to come by. Many individuals have decided to use their garage space as an additional room by transforming it into a living space. This article will discuss some important aspects to keep in mind during the renovation of a garage space.

Garage Renovation Basics

When considering converting a garage into an additional room, there are basic things to keep in mind. These would include the style, decor, and overall look that you want your new room to have. Since most garage spaces are very basic and bare, they will need carpet or other flooring, paint, and fixtures. Deciding what type of floor would be best suited to the home owners needs and then choosing other room fixtures to match is a great starting point in planning the design of the new living space.

Some Remodeling Is Best Left To The Professionals

The basic renovation of painting and adding decorative touches will be easy for most people to handle on their own. However, there will also probably be some things that will need to be done by a professional. A few of the most essential professional Room Remodeling requirements will be discussed below.

    • Electrical Wiring

While it’s true that most completed garages already have electricity, they may not have enough individual wall outlets to allow for a comfortable living area. Additional electrical outlets will need to be added, and the allowance for larger electrical equipment may also be necessary. Refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners are all common appliances that need a larger electrical current to operate on. Having a professional ensure that the garage space is adequately equipped to handle these types of appliances will help prevent circuit overloads and possibly even fires.

    • Windows & Doors

The addition of windows and doors may also be needed. Having more than just one entrance to the room is important, as home owners will always want a back up escape route in cases of emergencies. Windows will allow more natural lighting to enter the garage, which is normally quite dark. The more natural light a room has the less need for relying on artificial light that will increase the homes electricity bill. In order for windows and doors to be energy effective, they are best installed by professionals.

    • Water Lines

Another vital addition to the garage will be water lines. Unless a garage already has plumbing, water lines will need to be added so that a bathroom can be created. The number of necessary lines will also depend greatly on what additional appliances that use water will be placed in the living area. Commonly used appliances include washing machines, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and dishwashers. While it may not be necessary to have all of these appliances in the garage, it will likely be more convenient if they are. If someone else plans on using the garage as a home, they will likely enjoy the convenience of having all the necessary amenities at hand. Additionally, those residing inside the home will appreciate the added privacy of not having the garage resident come into the home to do laundry, cook, and bathe.

Mother In Law Garage Suites – An Affordable Solution

Many responsible adults find the task of caring for their elderly parents daunting and expensive. Nursing homes are pricey and do not always provide the kind of care that our elderly ones deserve. For this reason, many have decided to renovate garage space into living space for the elderly family members to avoid the need to place them in long-term care facilities. While the task can seem overwhelming, it’s an affordable option to a predicament that many people find themselves faced with every year.

The Video Below is from a 3 car garage in which on bay was converted into a cozy mother in-law suite

To see more photos of this Garage Conversion Click Here

While there are many other tasks involved in the conversion of a garage into a hospitable home, these are a few of the basics that will get one’s creative juices flowing. Garage conversion can be a lot of fun, even though it requires quite a bit of forethought and planning. With the right tools, a little advance knowledge, and an open mind, a garage can become a gorgeous living space. This renovation can add value to the home and provide an enjoyable place for loved ones to live comfortably for years to come.

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