Project Type

If you are planning to  build an addition, you may want to consider finishing out your existing garage and building a new garage. The cost of building a new garage is far less (in some cases 1/2 as much) than adding additional new living space. For a basement in-law suite you will need a walk out basement and a window that meets your local codes. Concrete foundation walls can be cut to exact opening sizes allowing you to add a door or window if your natural grade permits.

Garage in-law suites will require windows in the bedroom in accordance with your local building codes.

When remodeling a basement, installing a sub floor system such as DRIcore helps to keep the flooring warm and dry as well as adding a healthier living environment for you loved one.

Safety Monitoring

Even when your not in the room with your loved one, you can still check in to make sure their OK and that their receiving proper treatment from others such as healthcare providers.

When planning a construction project don’t forget to consider any other wiring needs you might have in the future, such as Cable TV, Internet connection, etc… The cost of wiring is far less during construction as compared to post construction.

Wheelchair Accessibility

In addition to adding more space and freedom of movement to your in-law suite this option also enables you to have piece of mind, knowing that in the event of injury or other medical complications your loved one will be able to navigate independently or with assistance through his/her living space even in a wheelchair.

In Home Care

Having a lockable passage to your home requires a exterior entrance to the in-law suite and gives you the option of securing your living space when your not present. This gives you piece of mind, knowing that home health care providers have access to your home only at your discretion.

Having a Rehab/Exercise room can save you time and money. Your loved one can be rehabilitated in the comfort of their own living quarters which can save you time that would be spend driving to and from expensive rehab facilities as well as keep your loved one under your watchful care.

Special Health Needs

Comforting in an In-law suiteAn In-Law Suite can even be built with hospital like equipment and treatment capabilities, but without the cold and sometimes dangerous environment. This way your loved one can spend their time around friends and family in a comfortable, safe place, and still get the treatment they need from in home care providers.(Of coarse its always recommended to follow the advise of your physician)

If lack of mobility is a main issue your loved one is facing, a lift can be built into the structure of the building and could facilitate helping your loved one out of bed for bathing, changing, etc…

Chairlifts and many other helpful devices can be installed and designed into the project to make your in-law suite conform to your loved ones needs, and provide them with the best possible living space physically and emotionally.

For basement suites or other special situations an elevator is a great option. Over the recent years the cost has come down on in home models and can be more affordable than you might think.

Safety Accessories

Adding something as simple as a handrail or grab bar can literally be a life saver. Placing Ramps and Grab bars in important locations can help your loved one stay independent for as long as possible.

These simple fixtures can help to minimize falls and other accidents before they happen, its true what they say, “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”

Floor Plan

Below is a link to a few samples of in-law suite floor plans in each of the basic design models. Remember everyone has a unique situation and needs, so these are just to help you get some ideas. FLOOR PLANS


When thinking of remodeling, make sure that a window can be placed in the bedroom. Having this in mind first can be a guideline and starting point for the floor plan layout of your project.

Dimmer switches are an easy way to help the room to feel warm and comfortable. In addition they also extend the life of incandescent bulbs.

Structural backing for wall mounted TVs or other items should be considered for installation during initial construction and can sometimes help to make the most of your family member’s living space.


When designing your in-law suite consider using a Jack and Jill bathroom configuration. This gives any guests your loved on might entertain access to the restroom without going through the bedroom.


Cooking in an In law suiteCollapsible sink bases are made at the right height for wheelchair accessibility but still have an under-cabinet that can be removed or left in place.  – Thinking of things like this in the design phase can help you be better prepared from the future and may even save you money and time in the long run.

If your loved one is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s it is recommended to evaluate their abilities and determine if they will be able to use a kitchen. Doing this now can help you spend your project budget in the best way possible for your loved one’s needs.

When laying out the kitchen, its a good idea to design it around making all the essential appliances and items within reach from one area if possible. This way your loved one won’t have to walk back and forth many times to get from one often used area to another. When grouped together, your loved one can easily get something from the refrigerator, prepare, and cook it with as little walking as possible.

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