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Here is a list of resources to help you design and build your Mother In law suite as well as products and services to help you give your loved one the care they need for a healthy and balanced life.

General Contractors

The Rockfall Company LLC


The Rockfall Company LLC is a Contractor specializing in home modification and adaptation for the maturing adults and the physically impaired. We maintain a staff of Certified Aging-in-place Specialists (CAPS) that provides the homeowner with a single source for the evaluation, design and the actual modification work needed to make a house a home for life. The Rockfall Company LLC has also developed and has a Patent Pending on our Practical Assisted Living Structure™ (PALS™ Patent Pending) that offers the elderly and the physically impaired the ability to remain at home rather than being placed in an institutional environment such as a nursing home or assisted living facility. Loved ones are often institutionalized, either long or short-term, simply because their home, or the home of a willing caregiver, is not equipped with the special-needs facilities required for their care. PALS™ Patent Pending modules provide a new cost-effective alternative, offering the loved one the ability to remain safe in their own home or in the home of a family member or other caregiver. PALS™ Patent Pending modules are self-contained modular structures that can quickly and easily be annexed to an existing home and are designed to provide the specialized accommodations required by the elderly and disabled. While blending in with or even enhancing the exterior appearance of the structure, the units are designed to provide the living space and facilities required to accommodate special needs that are commonly met only in institutions. As to adaptability, PALS™ Patent Pending modules are designed to provide the facilities for either long term living or shorter term rehabilitation needs. PALS™ Patent Pending modules are designed to quickly and easily attach to an existing home with minimum structural disruption. When no longer needed, the PALS™ Patent Pending module may be removed and the structure restored to its original condition in minimum time and with minimum cost. Alternatively, since the modules have been designed to conform to the visual integrity of any home, the homeowner has the option to simply retain the unit as a permanent addition. See our website www.palsbuilt.com to see photos and get more information or contact Henry Racki directly by phone at 860-790-6291 or Toll Free 1.877.771.PALS (7257) .
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PALS Keeping our loved ones safe at Home

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Aging in Place With Grace

I write a blog to help people age in place. The blog focuses on Fairfield County, Connecticut, but also addresses national issues, articles, advice and needs. I’m on the Advisory Board for Aging in Place in Darien in Darien, CT.

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Aging in Place, Senior Resources

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