Loneliness is one of three factors leading the elderly down a road of depression.

Many people in their older years find themselves in a position of loneliness due to a lack of a regular social circle, living alone, or having fewer family ties. Their inability to function as they once did creates frustration and a level of danger in the aging process.

Many are leaning towards in-home care for their loved ones entering this stage of life to help reduce stress levels and danger.

A mother-in-law suite is a perfect solution to all of these problems. Not only does it keep your loved one close, but it adds value to your home.

Read on if you’re considering a mother-in-law suite but don’t know what would work best for you.

A Garage Suite

Converting your garage is a simple yet cost-effective option since most garages connect to the home. As a result, your loved ones will have the luxury of their personal space while having the benefit of you near.

With a simple 24″x 24″ layout of the garage, you’ll have a fully functional, independent mother-law-suite design. This amount of space allows the suite to have all the amenities of a minor, one-bedroom apartment without breaking the bank.

A Basement Paradise

Creating a space where your loved one can have a sense of independence yet be safe in the comfort of your home is quite simple if you have a basement available.

Since most basements come fully equipped with the electricity and plumbing needed to complete the job, costs are minimal. This floor plan works best with a walkout-style basement but can work with many styles.

For example, a basement mother-in-law suite layout allows your loved one to have their own kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. You can also add linen and clothing closets off the bathroom and bedroom to provide adequate storage for their personal items.

An Addition To Your Home

If you don’t have a basement or garage to create a mother-in-law suite, an addition to your home is the way to go. Check with your local county to find out the laws in your area when it comes to building an addition.

Building your own design gives you the freedom to choose many different layouts, locations, and sizes.

In addition, you can choose to have it connected to your home in a specific place, making it easy for you to access them. Or, you can leave the addition completely separate from your home.

You’ll want to plan with this space for the possibility of wheelchair access in the future. In addition, you’ll need to make sure there aren’t things that can trip your loved one.

Choosing the Right Mother-In-Law Suite

What are mother-in-law suite benefits?

First, your loved ones will know you’re caring for them instead of strangers, which will help eliminate their loneliness and stress. Second, you won’t feel guilty or as pressed for time because you will be right there to tend to their needs.

All that’s left is your decision on what best fits your family! Check out our mother-in-law suites design page to find your perfect layout.