Medical Alert Systems for the elderly have evolved to the point where assisted housing or considering in-home care can be delayed and in some cases – even eliminated. There are numerous high quality systems on the market that can offer peace of mind to loved ones. As the market for these devices has evolved, prices have fallen while ease of use and simplicity of installation has improved as well.

Among the top 5 models evaluated, there were common features with one another. All of the top rated units offer these key benefits:

• Ease of installation
• Low initial prices and affordable monitoring programs
• Fast, efficient and well-trained support staff
• Ease of cancellation in the event of dissatisfaction
• Small, waterproof pendant or bracelet monitors
• Numerous additional options that may be desirable

Based on Our Research, These Are The 5 Top Rated Medical Alert Systems:

1 – Bay Alarm Medical

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Bay Alarm Medical alert system combines the best aspects of simple, efficient monitoring with impressive performance and support. The Bay Alarm system’s pendant or wristband monitors are both conveniently small and have an operating range of 1000 feet. The units can even be worn outdoors as long as the wearer remains within the operating range of the system. Customer service has the capability to respond effectively in an incredible 170 different languages.

Bay Medical Alert System ReviewInstallation is breeze and a “no technician needed” is part of the sales message for this company. Plug the unobtrusive monitor into a phone line and electrical outlet is as hard as gets to get this reliable system in place.

2 – Lifefone Personal Response Systems

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Lifefone Medical Alert System is a long-term provider of this type of device for the elderly, and has been in business since 1976. This is a system that also has an operating range of 1000 feet. This company offers a system that is simple to move when traveling or relocating. A simple call to their response center alerts them to your location.

lifefone Medical Alert ReviewThe Lifefone support center personnel are considered among the best in the industry. They are staffed with well-trained emergency care specialists. Further, they keep a detailed profile of every patient with instructions concerning which relatives or loved are to be contacted in emergencies, the type of medical conditions known to exist, and which medications are taken. These records are all carefully maintained.

3 – LifeStation

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Life Station Medical Alarm System company is another highly regarded monitoring sales and support organization which has been in operation since 1977. Two support specialists answer all incoming calls. One individual stays on the line with the elderly client and assesses the situation, while the other contacts the appropriate emergency services. Every support specialist is an employee of LifeStation and 160 hours of training is required before placed in the response center. All calls are answered within 30 seconds of receipt.

LifeStation Medical safety alarm reviewThe LifeStation units are high quality and easy to install. They lack the range of the former two providers and are effective at distances of up to 400 feet from the monitoring unit. The main unit has a 32 hour emergency backup in the event of a power outage.

4 – Alert1 Medical Alert System

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The strength of the Alert1 Medical Alert system is their highly rated UL listed monitoring center. One of the most appealing aspects of the home system is the high powered alert console, which has large easy to see features and excellent volume so that both parties can hear each other clearly. The console has a large emergency button which places the client in nearly immediate contact with a well trained support staff member.

alert1 medical alert system reviewEase of installation of all equipment is again a hallmark with this company. A nice touch with the Alert1 system is the ability to answer phone calls from the pendant. In low battery conditions, the monitoring center calls clients to ensure they replace the battery with a new one. The console has an operating range of 600 feet and is powerful enough to receive signals from outside the home.

5 – Rescue Alert

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Rescue Medical Alert Systems rounds out the top five senior monitoring systems. The strength of the Rescue Alert system is in its powerful monitoring unit which has an impressive 90 hour battery backup system. The console is among the better ones available with a range of 600 to 1000 feet. The pendant or wristband can have soft touch buttons fitted for ease of pressing and notification.

The Rescue Alert offers a 30 day free home trial to make sure it is the right system for the client. This is not a usual or customary offer from most of the companies in this industry.

Rescue Alert Medical Alert System reviewThe call center attendees with this company are all PMD certified. This is the very same training all 911 operators must go through before being activated. Responders at the center can also offer services such as personalized daily calling to remind elderly patients to take medications at prescribed times. They also conduct battery and system tests monthly to make certain their systems are operating at optimum levels.

If you have any additional recommendations or experiences to share, let us know int he comment sections below.