We have put together some Mother In Law Suite Floor Plans to help you start thinking about the best way to lay out your mother in-law suite. These are just examples, but they help to illustrate how simple and efficient design can help you keep your loved one safe and still maintain the highest level of independence possible, while at the same time adding value to your home.

In Law Suite Floor Plans

Each in law suite floor plan is designed around one of three different home remodeling application. If thinking about the mother in law suite or granny flat floor plan layout is a little too overwhelming for you at this stage, please try our free mother in law suite design form to help you take the first step in making sure you have considered as many of your loved ones needs as possible. This simple form will also e-mail you a list that will be the basis for your floor plan design and will help ease you into designing the perfect mother in law suite for you and your family!

Mother In Law Suite Addition Floor Plan

This in law suite addition plan is perfect for adding some extra space for mom. The size can be adjusted to suite your special needs. Adding a mother in law suite addition to your home can give your aging parent the privacy they need and the peace of mind you need too.

Mothjer In-Law Suite Addition Floor Plan

Mother In-Law Suite Addition Floor Plan.

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Mother In Law Suite Basement Floor Plan

Adding a mother in law suite to your basement is a cost-effective way to add comfortable and safe living space to you home. Basement mother in law suites also known as granny flats, work best with a walkout basement but there are many solutions available to help you build a basement in law suite even if you don’t have a walkout style basement.

Free Mother In-Law Suite Basement Floor Plan

Mother In Law Suite Basement Floor Plan

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Mother In Law Suite Garage Floor Plan

Remodeling your garage for a mother in law suite may be the most cost effective solution to creating a safe and comforting place for mom in your home. Since the garage is already connected to your home it’s not hard to relocate electricity and plumbing if the design is well thought out. The foundation is already there as well and since it was made for a car to drive into the grade of your land is probably even with at least some part of the garage structure and will make it easy to build an accessible entrance for your loved one to safely enter and exit their new home.

Mother In Law Suite Garage Floor Plan

Mother In Law Suite Garage Floor Plan

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