As the baby boomer generation begins to age, there will be an increase need for more home health care businesses nationwide. Moreover, it is a statistical fact that people are living longer and will require home health care assistance on a daily basis. Therefore, people who are entrepreneurial minded, caring, and trust-worthy have the skills needed to build a successful home health care business for the senior population.

In order to be successful in the senior care business, individuals need to take the appropriate steps in building a solid home health care system. If you are looking to start your health care business from scratch, you should follow the steps listed below:

1.Target Location

You should conduct research on the senior population surrounding your area in order to target a densely populated area of individuals who are 65 or older. You can start by checking local housing communities who are specifically leasing to the senior population. Generally these housing units are located near retirement communities, which will give you a good indication as to where you can market your services. Moreover, you can check the census profiles in your local area, which will provide hard statistical data.

2.Get Licensed

Each state has it’s own rules and licensing regulations, therefore you must research your particular state’s guidelines. Your state will assist you in getting the proper license in order to operate a senior care business within your home.

3.Hire Help

Once you become licensed and certified to perform home health care services in your home, you will need additional help. Therefore you will need to hire employees to aid in providing care and assistance to your clients on a daily basis. You may want to hire part-time employees or hire on an as-needed-basis, just until you build enough clientele for some of them to work full time.

4.Conduct Background Checks

You will need to conduct thorough background checks on all employees before they can begin working for you. There are many great companies that can provide you detailed background reports such as,, or These companies check for criminal records, employment verification, and motor vehicle checks. This information will be extremely useful to you because they will also be responsible for the lives of your patients.

5.Apply For Medicare and Medicaid Acceptance

In order to be able to accept Medicare and Medicaid insurance, home health care businesses need to obtain additional licensing and certification. However the first step that you must do to get accepted is to apply with your state’s Medicare agency. Then you will have to get a surety bond from a surety company. Next, the state will come out to your home and inspect it to verify whether it is up to health and safety standards. However, in order to be accepted, make sure you have at least 7 clients, 3 months of operating capital, and steady in-coming revenue.

6.Apply For Private Insurance Acceptance

Private insurance has their own rules, so you will have to go to them directly. Some of the major private insurance companies are companies such as Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and Aetna. You can call the health insurance companies to get a list of health and safety codes so that you can make sure that you meet their specified standards.

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