The “mother in law suite” has a name that might scare you away, but never fear, it’s just another term for a guest bedroom.

The guest bedroom is no longer something to be forgotten until you have company– people are talking a real interest in decorating a comfortable, functional mother in law suite. These spaces are sometimes separated from the house and connected by a pathway or tucked away in a part of the home itself.

Whatever you decide to use your extra space for, it’s wise to consider a few different mother-in-law suite plans.

Ideas for Mother-in-Law Suite Plans

We’ll cover a few of the essentials in this article. The particulars can be left up to you, but we’ll give you some insight on the structural design and how to make your mother in law suite as good as it can be.

1. Color Schemes and Walls

Guest rooms are typically best-received when painted a neutral color. Colors like a darkened yellow or beige are pretty safe bets. The idea is to make the color scheme as comfortable as possible.

You can’t cater to everyone, but you can take the path that is most likely to make people feel at home. Additionally, you can utilize wallpaper or other methods to make your walls appear more lavish. Sponging is one of those methods that makes your walls feel classier than they would if they were plain.

When it comes to paintings and hangings, go with things that will give off a sense of calm and ease. Flowers, natural scenes, and still lifes are typically good options.

2. Decorations and Furniture

While your guest bedroom may not get a lot of use, that doesn’t mean you should skimp on the furniture you use. There may be a case where your mother-in-law actually comes to stay for a long period of time, and you wouldn’t want her sleeping on a futon.

Go with a queen-sized bed to accommodate any couple or individual that may come your way. Additionally, have two nightstands and one dresser. You can invest in an armoire if you want to give the room a more elegant feel.

Space providing, you should also include a relaxation area with a couch, loveseat, and television.

3. Additions

You may want to give your guests the best possible experience. If you’ve yet to build a home or have the money to afford construction efforts, you may want to consider adding to the structure of your mother in law suite.

A kitchenette is always a good place to start. Providing a place to cook and wash up is essential to the comfort of a long-term guest. Additionally, you could consider putting in a private bathroom as a part of the room.

Need Some Ideas?

There’s no excuse not to get creative with your mother-in-law suite plans. Whether you need practical advice or want to know how to turn your garage into a suite, we have the answers for you.

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