Can you believe that the number of elderly people in the United States will almost double within the next 40 years, reaching 80 million?

This eye-opening statistic reinforces the urgency to do everything we can to take care of our older loved ones. For instance, it’s crucial to incorporate a universal design in the bathroom so that the dangers are minimized if not eliminated altogether.

Are you wondering what it involves? Keep reading to learn all about how to achieve a smart bathroom design for elderly loved ones.

The Door

If you’re serious about bathroom safety, then you can start by upgrading the door. The width should clock in at 80 centimeters, at the very least. This makes it much easier to come and go instead of having to squeeze through the door each time.

It might even be necessary to install a door that slides. It’s advisable to remove locks from the door, allowing a caretaker to act quickly in the event of an emergency.

The Toilet

When it comes to a small bathroom design for elderly loved ones, it’s essential that the toilet can be accessed with ease. This involves clearing the pathway of various obstacles. Even something as seemingly harmless as a rug could prove hazardous.

Instead, the toilet should be free of everything except essentials, such as toilet paper that’s within easy reach. Installing handles on the walls can also go a long way toward increasing safety. That way, your loved one won’t need as much effort to get on and off the toilet.

The Shower

Do you want even more senior citizen bathroom design tips? The shower is yet another area that can result in severe injuries or worse if it isn’t designed properly. Like the door, the shower box should have a width of at least 80 centimeters.

It’s recommended that the shower area has enough space for a second person in case a caretaker needs to help. There should also be plenty of vertical and horizontal handles. A fold-out stool that’s around 46 centimeters above the floor can ensure that your loved one is able to rest and get to hard-to-reach places without over-exerting themselves.

It’s common to install a second showerhead so that a potential caretaker can more easily help. Whatever you do, it’s a good idea to compare your ideas with ADA bathroom design guidelines.

Ready to Have a Bathroom Design for Elderly Loved Ones?

Now that you’ve learned all about how to achieve a smart bathroom design for elderly loved ones, you can rest assured that they’ll be safe anytime they need to take a shower or do something else. Your elders will certainly appreciate all your work on this project.

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