” My wife Barb and I are currently on the HCG diet, it seems to be working great for us and everyone we talked to seems to be interested in learning more about it. So we thought we would share what we have learned so far and our experiences with you, our readers. The following article is an overview of the HCG diet which we hope you will find useful.We will be sharing our experience on the diet and its results with you soon”-Tom

What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG diet was designed nearly 50 years ago by a British physician whose belief that a hormone found in pregnant women would help people lose weight rapidly and reduce fat. This diet demands that a person’s caloric intake be no more than 500 calories a day along with a daily injection of HCG. HCG is also known as human chorionic gonadotropin. It is also available in pill form or drops.

HCG has proven to be an acceptable diet program that millions of dieters have reaped benefits from. It can help a dieter lose up to a pound a day with some people losing even more, as well as keeping the weight off after returning to a normal lifestyle. The HCG diet is different from other diet programs. Whether you want to lose 10 or 100 pounds, this diet is considered a great way to go; However, consulting your physician before starting any diet program is a must.

However, there are pros and cons about this diet program.

Some of the pros include:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Minimal hunger
  • Fat reduction
  • Targets problem areas
  • Metabolism is reset
  • Normal eating can resume when the diet is completed
  • You will learn healthier eating habits
  • You will learn to make better food choices

Some cons about this diet include:

  • Few food choices
  • Must adhere strictly to the diet plan to achieve success
  • This diet is subject to much controversy
  • Diet requires daily hCG injections, pills or drops
  • Must drink a lot of water
  • Eating out is difficult
  • Extremely structured

The hCG diet does have short and long-term effects. Some people have reported that they feel have no energy and feel fatigued. Others report being cranky and irritable. Staying on the diet for a long period of time can result in malnutrition. At 500 calories per day this diet does not meet the U.S. nutritional dietary guidelines.

While this diet does promise quick and easy weight loss at first, it is because you are eating fewer calories than you are burning off.

HCG Diet Menu

hcg diet menuThe diet plan is simple and straight-forward. The following is an example of a typical day on this diet:

  • Breakfast includes tea or coffee in any amount without any sugar. Saccharin or stevia may be used, however, only one tablespoon of milk in a 24 hour period is allowed
  • Lunch includes 3 oz of veal, chicken, beef or fish with all visible fat removed. The meat must be weighed raw before cooking. It should be grilled or boiled only.
  • Only one vegetable with lunch is allowed from the following: green salad, spinach, chard, chicory, tomatoes, celery, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus, cabbage.
  • One breadstick or melba toast
  • An apple, orange, or a handful of strawberries or one-half grapefruit.
  • Dinner is the same as your lunch choices.
  • Tea, coffee, plain water or mineral water are allowed in any quantity at any time. The juice of one lemon daily is allowed for all purposes. Salt (minimal), pepper, vinegar, mustard powder, garlic, sweet basil, parsley, thyme, marjoram, etc., may be used for seasoning. But NO OIL, BUTTER or DRESSING.

Counting The Cost

Any diet is tough to follow. Controversy encompasses just about any diet plan found on the market today. Most diet fads have their zealous followers and success stories. However, it all comes down to the commitment you make with the diet you choose. There are those that have been very successful on this diet, and there are those who have not. If you decide to try this type of diet make no mistake that it does require a very strong commitment, but it very well could change your life.

This diet program requires a bit of effort, but people generally get immediate results. This factor alone makes continuing with the program worth it and the realization that the end result is only 20-40 days away makes completing this program extremely reachable even for the most defeated of dieters!

Homeopathic Diet Drops

If you don’t like needles one of the best ways to utilize hCG is homeopathic hCG drops. They are inexpensive as compared to injections of hCG. You don’t need to make a doctor’s appointment and can carry it with you when traveling. An internet search will provide a host of companies that sell homeopathic drops, but you should only buy it from a licensed practitioner. Impostor hCG products are sold every day on the internet. these pills, powders, and oral drops are imitations of the real deal and contain unknown dangers. Furthermore, it is illegal to buy and/or sell hCG without a prescription. Some of the dangers and side effects are: headaches, depression, mood swings, anxiety, sluggish mobility and weakness, insomnia, burning muscle instead of fat, metabolism shutdown, and lost weight boomeranging very quickly.

What about Exercising?

Do not exercise while doing this diet plan. Exercise is strictly forbidden while you are on the plan. While consuming a low-calorie diet plan, exercise is simply unnecessary and will just tire you out.

Necessary Preparations

Preparing for your new diet requires smart grocery shopping. Having the right foods and spices you’ll need readily available in your kitchen will help you stick to your goals. Dieters who do not plan ahead or try to change their normal lifestyle simply cannot stick with the plan for any length of time.

The following list is just a sampling of what you should have readily available:

Lemons, oranges, strawberries, lettuce (iceberg and romaine), apples, grapefruit (red), cucumbers, celery, asparagus, sweet onions, green onions, bag of spinach, tomatoes (cherry, Roma, etc.), melba toast (wheat and garlic), no sugar salsa, real sea salt, Tony Chachere’s seasoning, fresh chicken breast or tenders, Jennie O turkey burgers, 93% lean turkey, beef and chicken, shrimp, lobster, crab, lean steak, white fish, lean roast.

HCG Diet Recipe

Cooking steak or chicken tonight? Here is a great marinade recipe:

  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • 1 tsp fresh cilantro
  • 1&1/2 tsp spice blend
  • 3/4 tsp chili powder

Sticking to the above approved food items will ensure that you have the approved, fresh foods on hand to supply themselves with meals necessary to do the diet successfully. Learning how to prepare healthy, fresh meals is a benefit of the diet.

When grocery shopping, strict adherence to a pre-planned shopping list will ensure that the ingredients are available when preparing your meals and following a recipe under the meal plan. Successfully following the recipes on the diet creates long term knowledge and retention with regards to preparing healthy meals. This helpful knowledge will permit the dieter to maintain a healthy weight and move forward to a healthy new lifestyle with better eating habits.

Reward Yourself

Dieters who reward themselves as they lose weight are very likely to stick with this plan until they have reached their goal. Some examples of rewards include: a manicure and pedicure; new clothing; or a great mini-vacation.

Get Educated

There is an enormous amount of information for anyone looking to follow this diet. A great resource to both learning about the Diet and to help you if you choose to go for it is the HCG Weight Loss Cure Guide. The diet has been the subject of much media attention recently. Those in the medical industry are concerned by the many aspects of this diet, and many doctors who do the injections will only do so in cases of health-threatening obesity. The long-term effects of HCG usage are not known or documented as of yet. Keep in mind that following a very low caloric diet can be dangerous and lead to various health complications.

As this diet fad continues to gain popularity, expect to pay around $140 per month for the hCG drops and additional costs for recipe guides, books, and meal plans. Costs could be significantly higher for those that go to a private doctor or clinic for their injections and consultations.

While many dieters are lured in by the this diet’s claims of fast weight loss without exercise, people are still being warned to steer clear from the diet as it is not a healthy way to lose weight. The 100′s of testimonials being promoted on the internet are more than likely from people who did, in fact, experienced weight loss, but did so because of the extreme Calorie restriction and the high protein diet which promotes ketosis. When the body is in Ketosis, it has no choice but to burn fat.

Lastly, hCG in itself is not considered risky or unsafe when used properly and under a doctor’s care and guidance. It is a natural substance present in every male and female; however, something to consider with your decision to start this diet is that the Food and Drug Administration has stated that hCG has not shown or proven to be effective in treatment of obesity and that weight loss is achieved only due to the very low calorie intake required on this diet. With so much concern over hCG being supplied to consumers via on-line pharmacies, the FDA warns that a consumer make sure that any web site they decide to do business with is a state-licensed pharmacy located in the United States and is a member of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Moreover, each person has their own preference of dieting methods. Always discuss your options with your personal physician before starting any diet plan. Together you can be certain of choosing the best option available.