The UN estimates 1 in 6 people will be 60+ years old by 2030. Long-term planning for elder care can help families avoid needless stress and money difficulties.

Many seniors benefit most from independent living and aging in place. But how do they maintain their independence when health or financial factors get in the way?

Fortunately, mother-in-law suites solve these problems for families and their aging loved ones. Keep reading for essential features of a mother-in-law suite.

Build a Mother-in-law Suite

Although it refers specifically to mother-in-law, this term is inclusive for any family member. Other similar terms include:

  • Accessory dwelling unit
  • Granny flat
  • Secondary suite
  • Accessory apartment

These extra living spaces offer both independence and togetherness. In-law suites create a personal living space for your parents or grandparents in your home.

Many families renovate their garages, attics, or basements into in-law suites. They can also design and build home additions.

Building a new space has the added benefit of customizing everything for your loved one’s needs. Mother-in-law suite floor plans can include accessibility or mobility features for loved ones with physical or mental impairments. 

Mother-in-Law Suite Features

Even in families with great relationships, living together can be tough. It’s normal for spouses, parents, and children to have disagreements over personal space and shared household responsibilities. 

These disagreements can be damaging to elderly loved ones who might feel like a burden. To avoid arguments and stepped-on toes, it helps to give your elderly loved ones as much care and independence as possible. 

Private Bathroom

Most people want their own bathrooms separate from kids, roommates, siblings, etc. For senior care, it’s especially important.

They may have health complications that require immediate bathroom access. They can also have medicine and medical equipment that is dangerous for younger children to access.

Kitchen and Laundry

Your loved ones need as much independent living as safety allows. If they can still cook, a functional kitchen with a stove and refrigerator is a must. A small washer and dryer set is also helpful.

This allows them to prepare their own meals without feeling like a constant burden on your mealtimes or obligated to cook large meals for everyone. They can also enjoy their private time without being forced to leave their space to wash clothes or grab food.

Storage Space

Storage space solutions are often overlooked by homeowners. But smaller spaces like a suite require adequate storage.

A cluttered and overstuffed living area is stressful. It can also be dangerous for loved ones with mobility or memory issues.

Accessibility and Mobility

Your loved one may need special features for their safety and comfort. Entrance ramps, wall-mounted grab bars, and step-less showers can help them remain independent while minimizing mobility risks.

Communication and Alert Systems

Health issues and accidents can require urgent and immediate communication. In-law suites can add intercoms, alert systems, and monitoring equipment so your loved ones get the care they need as quickly as they need it.

Separate Thermostat

As we get older, we become more susceptible to heat and cold. Your elderly family members may need a certain temperature to remain comfortable that differs from your normal thermostat settings.

Build the Best Mother-in-Law Suite For Your Family Today

Even if they aren’t ready to move in, you can save time, stress, and money with long-term planning for your loved ones! Designing and building a mother-law suite early will prevent a crisis if unexpected health or financial setbacks arise. 

We offer premium floor plans and designs to help you build the perfect living space for your loved ones. Browse our designs and elderly care strategies to learn more!