Less than four percent of elderly people over the age of sixty-five years live in nursing homes. Many senior citizens prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes, uncomfortable with the implications that come with living in an assisted living facility.

So, if you have a mother-in-law that needs help taking care of, what do you do? In-law suites provide a nice home space for elderly citizens in your house. To find out how to make the proper home renovations to build an in-law suite, keep reading.

What Is a Mother-In-Law Suite?

An in-law suite is another way of saying a mini apartment-like space attached to a family home. Sometimes they exist separate from the main house, in converted sheds or barns. Some garages can even be converted into nice and cozy suites. 

They act as a separate living space for an elderly person needing taking care of but who is too stubborn, anxious, or otherwise hesitant about living in a nursing home. This way, they can be taken care of by their loved ones without imposing too much on your privacy. 

Benefits of an In-Law Suite

The most obvious benefit includes being able to comfort your in-law as they continue living in a familiar environment while you keep an eye on them, keeping them safe. They get to maintain a sense of autonomy but still have access to help they need when they need it. 

More time is able to be spent with grandchildren and their children since they’re living in your home. Having your in-law living in a suite within your home also gives you access to child care whenever you need it. Most in-laws are more than happy to watch their grandchildren and will even encourage you to go on more date nights or spend time for yourself.

Building an in-law suite also makes your home value increase. Having a newly renovated home space in what would otherwise be an unfinished basement, garage, or unused part of your home adds worth and usefulness to your property. 

How It Works

By using a kind of conversions exiting method, you’re essentially renting out a portion of your home for your in-law to stay. You can figure out the financial implications of this, but it’s reasonable that they would pay their portion of your rent or mortgage bill to compensate for their usage of your property. 

You can also work out a space where they feel more independent, rather than living right on top of you. Having their own entrance or exit can easily be done by installing a basement exit, garage door access, or other ways to establish their privacy. 

By doing this, you get some benefits to an indefinite visit from your in-law, while they don’t have to feel guilty or intrusive. 

Building an In-Law Suite

Get started with building an in-law suite. It’s a great option and potential compromise to keep your loved one safe and help, but maintain separateness from them staying in your guest room. 

Check out the In-Law Suites website here to find unique in-law suite designs and floor plans that you can receive a quote for today.