Do you have a big basement that would make a great living space for your loved one, but no walk out? That’s not a big problem thanks to the innovation of concrete cutting.

Concrete Foundation walls can be cut to exact dimensions for an exterior door with a stairway or walk out that will meet most code requirements for a “secondary egress”. Egress is a term meaning away from confinement or way out”. This “secondary egress” will allow your basement to become a true acceptable “living space”. Remember any area that is a “living space” can be counted as added square footage of your home at resale, increasing its value.

The Window Well

Rockwell Window Well

Did you know there is another solution to creating a secondary egress in concrete walls? It’s a great new product known as “Rockwell” window wells. This awesome new product is economical, strong, smart looking, extremely durable and pretty much maintenance free. Take a look at this product on line at They have a great slide show and list to help you see actual applications and help you simplify your basement mother in-law suite design.

A product such as “Rockwell” window wells usually comes in sections that bolt into the existing foundation. These sections simply stack one on another to create a wonderful natural lighting solution to the secondary egress. It can make any basement feel open and airy. It allows egress to any room in your basement. At the bottom of the massive window well is an area drain to drain naturally away or to a sump pump, with battery back up. This drain is covered with clean crushed stone or clean gravel.

Problem Solved!

New innovations in concrete cutting, has taken the old closed up basement with those tiny little windows and transform it into a comfortable safe environment. If you want to talk with a concrete cutting contractor you can Google “concrete cutting contractors”.

Find an architect who can give good structural advice and give you a layout to best use you basement. Here are some basic Mother In Law Suite Plans to help ou get started. Be safe and have fun with your project!

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