I have been getting really good comments from our readers about something very important that goes hand and hand with an In-Law Suite for aging in place. It will allow your loved one to create good interaction with their pear group and create personal freedom for you.

The important something is Adult Day Care or senior centers. They can be an important component in your loved one’s life. Adult day care centers will offer physical activity, balanced mental stimulation, new social ties and a new sense of purpose.

Different Generations

I look at it this way, your loved one is usually from another generation. Just having them come to live with you is not the some total of the answer to a problem. How would you like to go live with a group of teenagers? Even though they may love us, it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be comfortable interacting with us 24/7. The same should be considered with our loved one. This is why senior day care is a very important building block for the success of aging in place and mother in law suites.

If you’re loved one is confined to their home or In-Law Suite, a home care provider is another major building block. It matters not, whether the in home care giver is hired or a family member they must be educated to the basics needs of the senior or loved one.

Lifestyle Effects Longevity

According to the book titled “Happy to 102” their five building blocks of “The Balanced Care Method” are nutrition, physical activity, mental stimulation, social ties and sense of purpose. These five things can lead to the success of slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s.

It has been found that one third of our longevity is based on genetics leaving two thirds based on life style changes. You and/or your care giver can start these changes for your loved one tomorrow. Its exciting to see how a small amount of knowledge can change a whole life style and as a result the quality of life.

Check out this video to learn more about lifestyle changes and how they can effect longevity;

Adult Day Care

In the early stages of Adult Day Care your loved one will generally have one care giver for 8 to 10 seniors at a senior day care center. As time progresses and your loved one becomes home bound, an In law Suite with a qualified home care giver delivers a ratio of one on one interaction. The one on one home care can help maintain physical activity, mental stimulation and promote a positive sense of purpose.

Here is a helpful link to learning more about Adult Day care and how to find one that fits your needs;


Planning Ahead

Mother In Law Suites become very important because of its flexibility. Because it is a place just for your loved one, the spaces can change as your loved one’s needs change. If they have to have physical therapy in place, a living room space in the In Law Suite can become a therapy room. Before you build an In Law Suite, plan for the changes of aging in place to extend the length of your loved ones stay.

In this age of high speed communication there is no reason to remain uninformed to these life giving changes. I find as I delve into information for In-LawSuite.com I see how the life style changes are here for me and you today. If you have anything to share about Adult day care centers please leave a comment below!