The height, size and the right functions all should be considered before buying a new toilet.

The major consideration in buying a new toilet is the measurement distance of the main sewer drain from the finished wall. The largest selection of toilets will fit the measurement of 12 inches for the drain from the finished wall. If the sewer drain in your remodeling project is 10 or 14 inches from the wall your choices will be limited.


Proper Measurements for the Toilet

If expense is an issue in remodeling the bathroom than the round bowl would be a little less expensive to install. The round bowl measures up to 28 inches from the wall and will fit into a smaller bathroom in size. Most individuals would rather use the elongated toilet bowl because it is more comfortable and it will fit into the more standard measurements for the drain location.

Toilet Height is Important

accessible toilets for in-home careFor those who are taller a higher toilet would be more comfortable. The standard toilet fixture measures 14 inches in height but many manufacturers are now offering a taller toilet for those who are taller in size. Taller people find a standard 14 inch toilet too short. The taller toilet is also a part of the universal design for all users including those with mobility issues. When caring for an elderly individual in the home, the taller toilet will allow for greater ease in sitting down and getting back onto their feet.

Different Styles of Toilets

There are a few different types of toilets available. The more affordable two-piece toilet has the tank bolts on the top of the bowl. The one-piece toilet, usually cost more but is easier to clean because there are no seams to catch the dirt. The option of a wall mounted toilet is also available which could be useful for in home care of an elderly loved one. The wall mounted toilet will allow for a walker to move freely around the toilet area. Wall mounted toilets are a bit more expensive and if a problem does occur the wall would have to be opened up for repairs of the toilet. A thicker and more sturdy wall would also be required to hold up the wall mounted toilet and the tank.

Important Flushing Technology

Toilets typically used 3.5 gallons of water every time they were flushed before 1994. In the effort to conserve our natural resources, Congress established a 1.6 gallon per flush regulation on manufacturers of toilets. The first generation of low-flushing toilets did not get the job done properly. Manufacturers have now designed a new style low-flow toilet that works well using power-assisted flushing or gravity.

A dual flushing mechanism can also conserve on water usage. Manufacturers have developed a two stage flushing where pushing the first button will release .08 gallons of water and pushing the second button will release 1.6 gallons of water. This technology has allowed for families to save money on water bills throughout the year.


Bidets now look a lot like a regular toilet. They are used for personal hygiene and have been added to modern bathrooms in about 20 percent of new homes. Many people will add a bidet because it is fashionable to do so and will help with the resale of the home. Bidets are great for people who have difficulty getting into a bath or shower who have mobility problems.

Extra Add-Ons

Soft-closing seats and toilet seats with bidet functions are also available. The soft-closing seat keeps the seat from slamming down and makes sure the seat is always down. The bidet function is for those who have no room in the bathroom for a full sized bidet.

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