Globally multigenerational living had increased from 16.8% from 1990 to 19.6% in 2008. Numerous benefits come with co-habiting with aging parents including caring for their health, and comfort. The costs of nursing home keep growing every day.

Living with your elderly parents relieves their stresses and makes it easier for them to deal with any aging issues they may be experiencing. A mother in law suite is a great way to keep your parents as part of the family and give the attention they need and deserve.

Building a mother in law suite requires extra caution.

What Is a Mother in Law Suite?

Before you know the mistakes you ought to avoid, you should know what a mother in law suite is and know how it works. A Mother in law suite is a flexible living space.

They can be anything you want them to be from converted rooms, bed, and bath additions to the home or freestanding apartments. They can also be excellent home suites.

What is common in all of them is that they are located on the ground floor to make them more accessible. The best part of having them on the ground floor is that they can significantly improve the value of the home- by up to 60% according to the wall street journal.

Outside of in-law housing, the additional space can be the perfect home office and living space for recuperating relatives. You could also have a little extra income by renting it out. However, the decision can be confusing.

7 Mistakes to Look out for When Building a Mother in Law Suite

The construction of a mother in law suite can be expensive. It, therefore, careful consideration and preparation. Here are 7 issues to look out for before you proceed.

1. Not Checking the Building Area Codes?

Before you start building, you need to check with the city on the building area codes. These will tell you the limit of the additions you can include. In most areas, you will be limited to only adding a bath, a bedroom, kitchenette, and a sitting area.

Most people forget to consult building area codes. This is a costly mistake that could have you facing a lawsuit. In addition, you will eventually have to remove the additions which will be extremely expensive.

Remember that while you want your parents close, one of the reasons for the mother in law suite is to save costs.

In the end, you will have an affordable dwelling unit that is also rentable. This will mean that the home is not a single-family home. You will need separate permits.

2. Inadequate Planning

So, you need the living space made immediately to make your elderly parents feel at home. However, this living space, like most building projects, needs a lot of planning.

This could lead to some costly mistakes, and the home may require a lot more maintenance in the future than is necessary.

Before you begin building, make sure you have looked at all the angles. Have a checklist of all the parts that will be built. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

What is your lifestyle? If you entertain a lot of guests, you will need a big, open space in the kitchen? Do you want the home to be used by your family for generations?

How big do you think your family will be? Do you see yourselves also spending your senior years in this home? Do you need a home office?

What outdoor feature would your parents love? It is always critical to evaluate both long and short-term goals of the design and construction.

3. Going for The Cheaper Option

Most people, in a bid to save more money, will accept the lowest bid from constructors. Remember that if you have long term plans for this space, you want the job done right.

Also, what is the point of trying to take care of your parents if the home they are living in is not safe?

Find a construction company that is experienced, and that has all the certifications needed. This will guarantee you that the work will be done right.
Do not be too cheap but also do not pay exorbitant prices.

Choose the most reasonably priced, experienced, and friendly constructors.

Ask how the constructor will cover unexpected prices and buffer the costs of any delays. Also, keep in mind the issues that may arise during the process that will determine the costs.

4. Taking the Project on as a DIY

With saving costs being a top priority for many, most people tend to take on massive construction projects and re-designing ventures in their own hands. However, you can opt to hire an affordable contractor.

You probably do not even know how to build a mother in law suite. With a constructor, you are confident that most things will go according to plan.

5. Spending Too Much Money

Just because you have delegated the job to the constructor does not mean that you should give them money to purchase everything they ask for. Keep checking the progress throughout the construction process and monitor the unexpected costs. This will help you minimize the costs.

6.  Select the Right Location

You need to pay a lot of attention to the location where the building will be. You can choose to transform the garage or porch area into an enclosed dwelling.

It is always good to look for an area where the first floor is next to a room that is never utilized. You can also combine two existing rooms and make it into a suite.

7. Not Considering the Occupants

One mistake that people make when they make these homes for their parents is designing it for themselves instead of considering the needs of the occupants. Therefore, consider larger hallways, assisted baths with handles and no-curb and having no slip-flooring in the showers.

Making a Mother In Law Suite Needs Ample Consideration

It is a significant investment that needs a detailed and strategic plan. As long as you follow the afore-mentioned guidelines and consider what your parents’ needs are, you will build the perfect home away from home for your parents.

If you have more questions on what to include in a mother in law suite, visit our website and choose the perfect technology for seniors in a mother in law suite.