Curious about technology for seniors?

Did you know that during the 20th century, the number of citizens age 65 or older has jumped by a factor of 11? From 1990 to 2020, the elderly population will increase by 112%. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the elderly population will more than double by 2050.

At that time, one out of every five citizens will be senior citizens.

That’s a big deal because nearly one-third of those seniors live alone. Statistically speaking, it’s more dangerous for the elderly to live alone. They require special attention and are more likely to injure themselves.

In the sections below, you’ll find five types of smart home technology to help keep your loved ones safe and independent. Read on to find out more.

Smoke Alarms

Fires are among the most dangerous obstacles seniors face when living alone. Older people suffer from loss of sight and hearing. That makes traditional smoke alarms less effective. The bells may ring without anyone noticing.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Products like the Nest Protect smoke alarm warn senior citizens in a variety of ways:

  • Lights
  • Traditional alarm
  • Smartphone alarm

If you have your parents in a mother-in-law suite, you may just as easily set the smoke alarm to ring your cell phone. You can also check its batteries and a variety of other options, all with the use of your cell phone.

Technology Monitors

Another way to combat fires is to stop them at their source. Evermind Passive Monitoring System gives users the power to monitor all their electrical devices.

No more forgetting to turn the oven off. No more worrying about whether you left the lights on. This technology for older adults lets you monitor your devices through your phone.

After you install plugs, you can automate the length of time devices stay on. It’s the perfect home monitoring for seniors.

Home Security

Unfortunately, senior citizens are prey for thieves. To reduce the likelihood of a break-in, many security companies offer smart technology. This tech for seniors lets you check on the security of your home from anywhere with the use of a smartphone.

Services like those from Front Point use cutting edge technology to defeat intruders. Their equipment is 100% wireless and cellular, so it’s virtually impossible to beat. Your house is monitored continuously, with automated system checks that run every hour.

This is another tech for seniors that you can just as easily set-up to warn a caretaker should someone break in.

Medical Alert Systems

The medical alert technology has been around for decades. It’s reliable, inexpensive, easy to use. Companies like MobileHelp offer mobile GPS devices, base stations, wrist watches, and neck pendants.

Each comes with an emergency button to contact emergency services should you need their help.

Pill Dispensers

The likelihood of illness increases with age. That’s why the elderly take so much medication. Unfortunately, this also leads to an increase in the likelihood of overdoses for older people.

With the use of gadgets like the MedMinder, you’ll never have to worry about that again. It helps you take your meds on time by using the following:

  • Phone calls
  • Sounds
  • Blinking Compartments
  • Online Reports
  • Emails
  • Text Messages

Also, the pill compartments stay locked until it’s time for your next dose. That way, you’ll never again worry about double dosing by accident.

More Technology for Seniors

Well, hopefully, you found a few new ideas to help keep your loved ones safe. If you found this article helpful and want to learn more, read Technology for Seniors. Do it while it’s still fresh in your mind.

So long and good luck!