Home decor can be a pretty tough thing to figure out in general, but, there’s a lot of added pressure when you’re designing a mother-in-law suite!

Such a space is not just one that has to be beautiful and well-designed. It also needs to be welcoming and made with the needs of an elderly person in mind.

It’s a big task to take on.

This doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming, though. All you need to do to create a nice suite for your mother-in-law is take your time and do a bit of research.

Here are 5 decor tips to get your mother-in-law suite addition on the right track.

1. Explore Different Floor Plans

Maybe you already have an extra room in the house for your in-law or you’re trying to figure out where to build an addition. Maybe you’re designing a completely separate space for your in-law to build in your backyard!

Whatever idea you have in your mind, the best way to get started is to put things on paper. Look at a few different floor plans and start wrapping your mind around each one. Decide what works best for your home and what allows you to make the most use of the space you have.

2. Choose Welcoming, Sophisticated Colors

Once you have a floor plan in place, you can start to work on the more fun aspects of design like a color scheme and picking out furniture. As far as the colors go, you want them to be warm and inviting, but in a mature, elegant way.

Try to create an innovative home design that will make your mother-in-law feel like she’s in her own home. Maybe even use elements from her current place of residence to inspire this new space.

3. Find Comfortable Furniture

The next piece of the design puzzle is furniture.

Whether you’re just shopping for the right mattress to put in a spare bedroom or you need everything from a new couch to a kitchen set, take your time. All the furniture in your mother-in-law suite should match. It needs to fit a common theme, and more importantly, fit well with the area you have to work with!

4. Think About the Overall Function of the Room

As you’re trying to figure out where to put the dresser and what kind of reading chair to buy your mother-in-law, consider how all the pieces of the room flow together.

There needs to be enough room for her to walk around comfortably without having to step up/down a lot or worry about tripping. If she does ever slip and fall, think about what you can place around the room for her to use as support to get back up. Think about where you can place storage in a way that’s easy to reach but also not just out in the open, too.

5. Tie the Mother-in-Law Suite to the Whole House

The final piece of design advice to keep in mind is to tie the mother-in-law suite with the rest of the house. This helps make your mother-in-law feel more welcome as she moves into your space, and, it creates a sense of consistency in your home’s overall design.

Create the Ultimate Space for Your Mother-in-Law

Still not sure how to put a mother-in-law suite together? Having trouble figuring out where to begin in order to make your ideas come to life?

Don’t worry, that’s where we come in!

We have all kinds of tips to help you make this space the most comfortable – and best-functioning – suite it can be. From design tips to accessible insights, we’re the ultimate mother-in-law suite resource you need.

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