If you are considering building a mother n law suite, there is no better time to start planning than now. With the ever-rising cost of long-term care insurance, an investment in your home is often the best option for helping a loved one.

The significant improvement in life expectancy means more time with our families. Mother in laws quarters right in your home can help your family enjoy this time.

And since people live longer, costs of care are rising. But with these mother in law suite tips you can save money and enjoy more time with your family.

Here’s how to make the most of your in-law suite project:

1. Take Care In The Restroom

One of the danger zones for elders is in the restroom. There are so many horror stories of people slipping and falling in the shower.

For some, getting in and out of the shower and bathroom can mean the difference between home care and nursing home care. Since one of the main objects of building a mother in law suite is avoiding nursing home care, it is important to get shower and bathroom design right.

Make sure to leave space to install grab bars to give plenty of stable grips for navigating the space. Also, avoid step-ups. A flat entry to the shower is often the best.

2. Building Permits

Don’t make the mistake of making building permits an afterthought. Learn about the laws in your city or town and apply for the proper permits.

If not, you risk penalties and fines later on.

3. Consider Power Options When Building a Mother In Law Suite

You may want to consider installing separate power for your in-law suite. As with many engineering and design ideas, it is often better to do this at the start of the project rather than wishing down the road you had thought of it.

By separating the power you can have the ability to rent the suite out to a 3rd party down the road without guessing at their power needs. In addition, elderly care often comes with power needs for medical equipment.

Separating these power supplies will give you insight into the requirements and costs as well.

4. Access

Stairs and entryways are often the hard part for seniors. In designing your space, take possible wheelchair or scooter needs into account by planning for ramps and wide doorways.

Get All the Help You Need

Once you have some basic tips down there is no reason you can’t build an effective and efficient suite for your home. Building a Mother In Law Suite adds value to your home and also will save money in caring for your loved ones.

But too many people begin building a suite or an addition to their home without doing the proper preparations. Without planning your project can’t face escalating costs and structural disasters in no time.

Make sure you get the best help for your project. We can help provide helpful hints for every aspect of your project.

Come learn about the 5 things you should look for in your mother-in-law suite floor plans.