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You Chose Your Mother In-Law Suite Floor Plans, Now what?

Buying floor plans for an in-law suite is an exciting and important first step in creating a multi-generational home. The design process is full of essential questions about what the space needs and what the space will look like. However, once the plans are in hand, the decision-making process is not over. In fact, in order to complete your vision for a complete in-law suite, the process has really just begun.

Next Steps After Choosing A Floor Plan

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With all this, your floor plans are a comprehensive starting point. To bring the plans to fruition, however, it is critical to look into the building codes in your area in order to comply with all specifications. In particular, your in-law suite will need a secondary egress for emergency evacuation. This means that there must be two exterior access points to any in-law suite in order to make it accessible in case of fire or other emergency. If there is no secondary egress, then the floor plan will not qualify as an official living space.

Meeting the Legal Requirments

While people use the term living space broadly in design, it actually has a legal definition. While you may be able to move forward with the remodeling project without meeting the legal definition of a living space, failure to do so will limit your ability to seek appropriate insurance coverage. Insurance companies may not provide coverage if the in-law suite does not meet the necessary legal standards. Moreover, you will not be able to claim the living space officially in case of resale.

Safety Is Priority #1

These legal ramifications may seem like frustrating hoops to jump through, but they are essentially a question of safety. These floor plans are designed for comfort and ease, but to truly feel at home with an extended family member on the property, it is important to remember their safety first and foremost.

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Your floor plans can be the blueprint for the future of your family. What happens next is different for every home and every family. For more information about how to use your floor plans, please check out our New Educational Video Series Coming Soon, Click Below to get notified when they are ready.

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We are also readily available to answer any questions you may have about the application of your in-law suite floor plans.

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