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  • Professional Advice for Elderly Home Care Remodeling & New Construction

    Project Type If you are planning to  build an addition, you may want to consider finishing out your existing garage and building a new garage. The cost of building a new garage is far less (in some cases 1/2 as much) than adding additional new living space. For a …

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  • Suitcase Ramp

    Wheelchair Ramps Part 4 – Costs

    This post is part 4 of the Wheelchair Ramp Series. Be sure to read part 1 and part 2 and 3 , to learn more about the main components of a properly constructed wheelchair ramp, design, and aesthetics and materials. – Wheelchair Ramps Part 1 – …

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  • Wheelchair Ramp1

    Wheelchair Ramps – Part 1

    There are many new types of home modifications and home remodeling that can help people with disabilities to confidently and safely navigate their living spaces. Before we can even consider the interior of the home or mother in law suite we first have to make …

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