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  • residential elevator - closet

    Elevators for Mother In-Law Suites

    It is becoming increasingly more popular to move in-laws into your home to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable place to live as they age. Aging loved ones who own their own home usually have accessibility issue. If they are challenged by climbing …

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  • Roll In Shower Drains

    The Function, Look, and Benefits of Roll-In Shower Drains

    Showers started out with simple spray heads elevated over bathtubs. They evolved into stand-alone units referred to as shower stalls. Custom showers with tiled walls and floors that have center drains are also popular in new construction and remodeling projects. The problem of keeping water …

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  • Bathroom Floor Plan For Seniors

    How To Design An Accessible Bathroom Floor Plan For Seniors

    Many people don’t think far enough into the future when they are designing their home, and many old homes weren’t built with aging senior citizens on the mind. But now, more and more senior citizens are choosing to stay in their homes as they age, …

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  • Accessible Vanity For In home care

    Choosing the Right Vanity for In-Home Care

    When you care for an ill or elderly loved one in your home, you must look at all of your appliances and furnishings with a new eye. All the items that seem common and that pose no problem for you can present many challenges for …

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  • transgenerational family home

    Transgenerational Home Design

    Over the years, society goes through regular changes. There was a time when multiple generations lived under one roof, so the ages in the home could range from young babies up to senior citizens enjoying their twilight years. As people moved to the suburbs and …

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  • Hight adjustable kitchen sink with push button rasing and lowering

    Accessible Kitchen Sinks

    When designing a handicapped kitchen for a mother in-law suite or even simply for universal design, one of the biggest challenges is the sink. Most sinks feature a base that is as deep as the counter, and that limits wheelchair access. They may also be …

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  • Professional Advice for Elderly Home Care Remodeling & New Construction

    Project Type If you are planning to  build an addition, you may want to consider finishing out your existing garage and building a new garage. The cost of building a new garage is far less (in some cases 1/2 as much) than adding additional new living space. For a …

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  • What is Universal Design?

    Are you contemplating designing a home remodeling project or designing a new home? Enter into the planning process asking not only what your needs are now; such as more square footage, upgraded windows and doors, more insulation or greener building components, but also ask yourself …

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  • Bathroom Remodeling For Accessibility

    I am going to talk about a pretty popular room in you home. You use it to clean your self, relieve yourself, brush your teeth, fix your hair, shave, put on your make up, and look at your self. It’s your bathroom. It is one …

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  • Enjoying Universal Design For The Shower

    Accessible homes designed for aging in place must have at least one bathroom with a wheel chair accessible shower. The minimum dimensions are 3’6” by 5’-0”. These measurements are compatible to standard bathtub dimensions. More and more residential builders are taking advantage of the desirability …

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  • Suitcase Ramp

    Wheelchair Ramps Part 4 – Costs

    This post is part 4 of the Wheelchair Ramp Series. Be sure to read part 1 and part 2 and 3 , to learn more about the main components of a properly constructed wheelchair ramp, design, and aesthetics and materials. – Wheelchair Ramps Part 1 – …

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  • Wheelchair Ramps Part 3 – Aesthetics And Materials

    This post is part 3 of the Wheelchair Ramp Series. Be sure to read part 1 and part 2 , to learn more about the main components of a properly constructed wheelchair ramp and its design – Wheelchair Ramps Part 1 – Overview, Wheelchair Ramps Part …

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  • 1 12 Slope Wheelchair Ramp1

    Wheelchair Ramps Part 2 – Design

    This post is part 2 of the Wheelchair Ramp Series. Be sure to read part 1 to learn more about the main components of a properly constructed wheelchair ramp – Wheelchair Ramps Part 1 – Overview and Part 3 – Wheelchair Ramps Part 3 – Aesthetics and …

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