Elder Care Giving At Home

Being a Caregiver to an elderly parent or other loved one at home can be extremely challenging both emotionally and physically.

Here at in-lawsuite.com we know first hand that having the right information and resources can give you a huge advantage as a elder caregiver in your home.

That’s why we are continually putting together as much useful and practical information as we can to give you as much support as possible as you endeavor to be the best caregiver you can be for your loved one.

Grab Bar Finishes

Grab Bars: Types, Placement, And Installation For Bathroom Safety

Grab bars are commonly used in bathtubs and showers to offer stability and piece of mind to the user. A …

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Bathroom Floor Plan For Seniors

How To Design An Accessible Bathroom Floor Plan For Seniors

Many people don’t think far enough into the future when they are designing their home, and many old homes weren’t …

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Walk-in bathtub for elder home care

Choosing The Right Bathtub For In-Home Care

One of the challenges of providing in-home care for an ill or elderly loved one is finding the best sort …

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accessible toilets for in-home care

Choosing Accessible Toilets For In-Home Care

The height, size and the right functions all should be considered before buying a new toilet. The major consideration in …

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Large Walk In Bathtubs With Shower Luxury Style

The Bathroom: The Most Dangerous Room in the Home for the Elderly

As Americans begin to enter their later years, many have a strong desire to stay in their homes rather than …

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transgenerational family home

Transgenerational Home Design

Over the years, society goes through regular changes. There was a time when multiple generations lived under one roof, so …

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Hight adjustable kitchen sink with push button rasing and lowering

Accessible Kitchen Sinks

When designing a handicapped kitchen for a mother in-law suite or even simply for universal design, one of the biggest …

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Handi Rail Half Bed Rail

Bed Rails for Seniors

Generally speaking, growing older brings about a decreased level of mobility and an increased need for assistance in everyday tasks. …

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Elder Home Care Store

How To Find The Best Senior Homecare Products

Making the decision to build a mother in law suite in order to care for your aging parent is a …

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Mom And Me

Real Life Stories Of A Caregiver

Everyone Loved Dolly My name is Barb and this is my story about how I became a caregiver to my …

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Feature Image Floor Plans E1349326226741

Mother In-Law Suite Floor Plan Collection

Why I Created The Mother In-Law Suite Floor Plan Collection Trying to plan for a living space for you or …

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Senior Exercise2

Balance Exercises for Seniors

Your ability to balance yourself is determined by visual cues, spatial orientation and the inner ear. These systems normally interact …

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