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Wheelchair Ramps Part 2 – Design

This post is part 2 of the Wheelchair Ramp Series. Be sure to read part 1 to learn more about the main components of a properly constructed wheelchair ramp - Wheelchair Ramps Part 1 - Overview and Part 3 - Wheelchair Ramps Part 3 - Aesthetics and Materials Wheelchair Ramp Design To begin designing your ramp the first consideration is how much rise (how high is the door above the ground) you need to get the elderly person up to the entry way of the home or mother in law suite. A ratio of 1:12 is the maximum slope that can be used for the ramp. This means that there must be 12 inches of handicap ramp length for every 1” of height. Even though this ratio is viable it can still be a little steep for some people to make there way safely up or down. It is preferable to use a ratio of 1:16 if possible for the most safe and convenient use by the wheelchair. Wheelchair Ramp Shape The shape of the ramp is very important in being able to fit it into your space. A straight line would be an obvious first choice but is rarely possible due to the length generated by the ratio formulas given above. Some other shapes are the L shape, the switchback, and the U shape. It is advisable to provide a...

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Wheelchair Ramps – Part 1

There are many new types of home modifications and home remodeling that can help people with disabilities to confidently and safely navigate their living spaces. Before we can even consider the interior of the home or mother in law suite we first have to make sure that they can enter and exit the dwelling place safely and with the least amount of difficulty. The proper construction and design of an accessible ramp to enter and exit the home or mother in law suite is essential to creating a place where your love one can feel secure and enjoy the highest level of independence possible. The stairs that most homes have designed into their entryways can be very problematic and even dangerous to many elderly people with disabilities. Constructing a step-less or barrier free wheelchair entry ramp is an effective solution. A properly constructed ramp can offer safety and security to those with minor disabilities, those using walkers and canes, and even those in wheelchairs. A well designed handicap ramp can serve the elderly person now and in the future. Wheelchair Ramp Main Components Before we talk design and aesthetic requirements of the ramp, lets first take a look at some of the main components of the properly built wheelchair ramp. Guard Rail – these are the main rails that have the balusters attached to them to protect the users of the wheelchair...

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