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Benefits Of Renovation For Aging In Place

I’m often amazed at how often we are enthusiastic about tearing down a 1950’s home in favor of a more current style. Certainly if there is sufficient development pressure there is little anyone can do. However, for a current homeowner or prospective buyer I think we may be shortsighted in our vision for a new home by not considering the possibilities. The post war boom in housing produced millions of these homes throughout the country. Significant inventory of these homes exist and thrive today in communities such as Ladue, Olivette, Town & Country, Frontenac, Clayton, and Kirkwood to name just a few in St. Louis County. Considering The Possibilities Go Green: If a home is in sufficient repairable state, then we are doing the environment and our communities at large a favor by preserving that which took a significant amount of energy and material to build in the first place. In other words this is a sustainable or “green” thing to do. A recent study indicated that a 30% increase in energy efficiency will essentially remain a plus for the environment more than a newly constructed home of similar efficiencies. Give It A Facelift: Many of those ranch homes are easy to renovate compared to homes built early in the century. It often is relatively simple to remove walls and rearrange spaces for a more current life style. The...

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Aging In Place Home Solutions

With the cost of healthcare insurance and nursing homes skyrocketing for those with Alzheimer's Disease and other disabilities, how can you provide the best quality of life for your loved one? Aging-In-Place Home Solutions is a division of Myra L. Katz & Associates, Inc., a provider of quality interior design services for healthcare and senior living facilities.  After 25 years in business, Myra Katz launched Aging-In-Place Home Solutions in response to changes in the economy and the growing demand for healthcare applications in the home. “It seems like I’ve come full circle. My parents felt strongly that elders should never feel displaced and we always had grandparents living with us as I was growing up.  My dad, Lester Katz, was a long time builder of multi-family developments in the county. So way before there were senior living communities, his properties were created for seniors living independently.  There were party rooms, pools and guest apartments for visiting family members.  One high rise property even had a popular restaurant onsite and has since been converted to an upscale senior living facility.   Designing healthcare and senior living facilities, along with starting Aging-In-Place Home Solutions, is my way of making a difference.  It’s like a calling.” Here are some of the latest findings, simply put: By the year 2030 there will be 70 million baby boomers over the age of 65, more...

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Correct Setup of Your Walker or Rollator

Setting your Walker to the Correct height If you use or are going to use a walker or rollator you need to make sure you start here. It is very important that you set your walker or rollator to the correct height. Failure to do so can cause all kinds of biomechanical issues like wrist pain, foot and knee issues, shoulder strain and even back pain. Setting the walker to the right height is very easy.  I recommend that you have someone help you to avoid any unwanted accidents. Make sure that you are on a solid level surface. It’s also important that you have study shoes on (preferably the ones that you spend most of your time walking in). Lets get started!! Two Methods to Achieve Proper Height Stand with the walker directly in front of you like you are about to use it. Place the back of both your heels even with the back legs or wheels of the walker. Have your helper set the height of the walker handles to the height of your hip bones. (These are the bones you can feel on the outside, upper part of your leg) While standing there straight your arms will have a bend in them of about 20-30 degrees. Which should feel very comfortable to you. Another option is using the wrist crease method.  Your wrist crease is the area between your...

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Practical Assisted Living Structure (PALS)

A new product that is being introduced for the first time in the nation presents an affordable alternative to the traditional nursing home. While it’s not a panacea, it can very well be of significant benefit to thousands of families faced with the prospect of caring for an elderly or disabled member. Moreover, this new product can also be a major positive factor from the standpoint of third-party payers of healthcare benefits since it can facilitate a dramatic reduction in the cost of health care services provided to beneficiaries of Medicaid and other federal and state-sponsored programs (including those supporting disabled veterans). Modular Mother In Law Suites The Rockfall Company, LLC, a Connecticut-based modular builder and home remodeler, has developed and is currently introducing a modular home addition that can significantly affect the lives of thousands. Their specially-trained staff of Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (“CAPS”, a designation awarded by the National Association of Home Builders in cooperation with AARP) has been focused on the goal of keeping the elderly and handicapped out of institutions, and they may have indeed taken a major step forward. A visit to the company’s website, will present a more complete description of their “Practical Assisted Living Structures”(PALS) modules. These units are modular home additions designed to quickly (e.g. in a matter of days following delivery) and inexpensively modify virtually any home to provide the...

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Home Renovation Hidden Dangers

With the continued housing slump across the nation, many families are choosing to build on additions or renovate their old homes instead of taking on the financial burden of a newer, costlier dwelling. While many of these projects can be taken on by the home owners themselves, involved renovations including additions or converting unfinished spaces to rooms for occupancy require greater project and hazard knowledge. These heavily-involved renovations may require specific technical knowledge of construction like insulation, plumbing, structural integrity and outdated, dangerous chemical recognition. For that reason, some families should concede where their experience ends and hire professionals for their home upgrades. Some of the more mundane renovations that might be needed, especially with an older home, are the updates and removal of structural and interior dangers, like mold, inefficient insulation and outdated wiring. While apparently not as crucial as other aesthetic aspects of a project, like a room addition or ramp for an elderly relative, these initial considerations are in fact of the greatest importance. Home Remodeling Considerations Mold One serious consideration, especially in warmer, humid climates is mold. While most forms of mold are not toxic, some indeed are and can cause serious health consequences. It is therefore necessary to address this concern quickly when beginning a project. Because the presence of mold indicates water leakage, home owners first need to identify the source of this...

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