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Choosing The Right Bathtub For In-Home Care

One of the challenges of providing in-home care for an ill or elderly loved one is finding the best sort of bathtub for them. The patient might have mobility issues that make getting out of a traditional bathtub difficult. One option is a walk-in bathtub. Walk-in Bathtub A walk-in bathtub is a good choice for patients who aren’t steady on their feet. They have doors and a low threshold that will allow a patient to enter fairly easily, either by him or herself or with help from the caregiver. When the patient is inside the tub, the door has...

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Choosing Accessible Toilets For In-Home Care

The height, size and the right functions all should be considered before buying a new toilet. The major consideration in buying a new toilet is the measurement distance of the main sewer drain from the finished wall. The largest selection of toilets will fit the measurement of 12 inches for the drain from the finished wall. If the sewer drain in your remodeling project is 10 or 14 inches from the wall your choices will be limited. [margin20] Proper Measurements for the Toilet If expense is an issue in remodeling the bathroom than the round bowl would be a...

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The Bathroom: The Most Dangerous Room in the Home for the Elderly

As Americans begin to enter their later years, many have a strong desire to stay in their homes rather than transition to an assisted living or nursing facility. However, it's important for family members to help ensure that the home is a safe place for a loved one who may have health and safety concerns. The bathroom is one area that may need to be modified to prevent injury. Read on for tips to help your family member stay safe in the bathroom as he or she ages. [margin20] [fancy_numbers] Install Safety Grab Bars Make sure that your loved...

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Inherited A Home, Now What?

Inheriting a home may be one of the most emotional and confusing ways in which you acquire real estate. Whether you have lost a loved one or your family member is still living yet unable to live independently, you now have another residence to consider on top of your own property list. Making the decision to sell the real estate, rent it, or fix it up to make it your own residence can be difficult. In this article I want to help you get started in the process of making the right choices for you and your family by...

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Transgenerational Home Design

Over the years, society goes through regular changes. There was a time when multiple generations lived under one roof, so the ages in the home could range from young babies up to senior citizens enjoying their twilight years. As people moved to the suburbs and families became more nuclear, this changed. However, the trend is reemerging as people move their aging parents in with them and different branches of a family share a household and the associated expenses. A transgenerational home is one where people of all ages can enjoy the house and stay there comfortably and safely. It removes barriers, provides greater options and extends independent living. It’s not about making a house baby-proof or handicapped accessible, but creating a house that can accommodate both of these needs. The Benefits of Foresight How many people have to move out of their beloved home because an illness, injury or age prevents them from navigating stairs or maneuvering through a convoluted floor plan? With a transgenerational home, the design takes into account the needs of people with limited mobility. Whether your needs change due to something unexpected or just advanced age, your home will be able to accommodate you. At the same time, you won’t have to make any major changes to the home because younger children are added to the household. Objectives of Careful Design The objective of this...

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