Author: Tom Bills

Three Steps for Successful Aging in Place

The Parents of "Baby Boomers" are Living Longer We are living in a time where there are more elderly people around us than ever. The parents of our "baby boomers" are now living longer lives. In many cases where the care of our elderly is concerned, most would rather spend their aging years at home or "age in place". This is a term used when referring to them living at their home of many years or in an environment not equipped for healthcare, such as assisted living and independent living facilities. Most seniors have a strong desire to remain...

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Elevators for Mother In-Law Suites

It is becoming increasingly more popular to move in-laws into your home to ensure that they have a safe and comfortable place to live as they age. Aging loved ones who own their own home usually have accessibility issue. If they are challenged by climbing stairs, a residential elevator may be the solution to make the designated space accessible for everyone. Here are some tips that you need to address to ensure that the purchase and installation of an elevator in your home will solve the accessibility difficulty for everyone. Using an Existing Closet The perfect solution would be...

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Eye Opening Alzheimers Videos That Could Change Your Life

The holiday season has begun. I hope that your holidays will be bright and happy. If you have a loved one you are caring for with Alzheimer’s disease I wish you a new found hope of care and compassion after reading this article and watching the videos, I believe it could be life changing and at the least very eye-opening. I have a suggestion for you, as a caregiver, to take a few moments and watch an amazing concept that can be adopted for home therapy for an aging loved one. The video is titled “ Shifting the Perception...

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The 3 Building Blocks to an Accessible Bathroom

None of us plans to become handicapped and unable to use bathroom facilities comfortably. However, aging, accidents and illnesses occur to you or a loved one. At that point, it makes sense to remodel your bathroom to accommodate the needs of any individual living in your home. Planning for Success Planning for remodeling is the key to avoiding unnecessary expenditure of money and effort that could sink the project. Everyone knows that, to make a bathroom accessible, we're going to have to typically replace a door and install grab bars. In some cases, we must expand space in an...

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Requirements For An Accessible Bathroom

Accessible bathrooms can be beautiful and necessary. When a person becomes disabled or uses a wheelchair, fitting a bathroom to their needs can be challenging. Imagine sitting in a wheelchair for all of your bathroom needs and you may see exactly how many things must be changed. Having a non-accessible bathroom can be a matter of life or death. More than 1 in 3 seniors over 65 fall every year and 80% of these are in the bathroom. In addition, after one falls and breaks a hip or a leg, they often must go to rehab after the hospital...

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