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Adult Day Care and Mother In Law Suites; A Balanced Approach

I have been getting really good comments from our readers about something very important that goes hand and hand with an In-Law Suite for aging in place. It will allow your loved one to create good interaction with their pear group and create personal freedom for you. The important something is Adult Day Care or senior centers. They can be an important component in your loved one’s life. Adult day care centers will offer physical activity, balanced mental stimulation, new social ties and a new sense of purpose. Different Generations I look at it this way, your loved one is usually from another generation. Just having them come to live with you is not the some total of the answer to a problem. How would you like to go live with a group of teenagers? Even though they may love us, it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be comfortable interacting with us 24/7. The same should be considered with our loved one. This is why senior day care is a very important building block for the success of aging in place and mother in law suites. If you’re loved one is confined to their home or In-Law Suite, a home care provider is another major building block. It matters not, whether the in home care giver is hired or a family member they must be educated to the basics...

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How We Built Our Garage In-Law Suite

My wife and I knew we had to do something rather quickly for the well being off my mother in-law. She needed 24/7 care. She wanted her own space but was unable to take care of herself. Barb (my wife) and I talked it out. We needed a place she could use on the first level of our house. We had only one place available. It was our attached garage. We decided it was the best to build a garage apartment or Mother in -law suite for Barb's mom there. How We Built Our Garage In-Law Suite We made an entrance door off our laundry area to the single slip of ourgarage. Our garage was deep enough that we built a bedroom, adequate size closet, accessible bathroom with a custom shower, kitchenette and small sitting area. We made the entire space independently tempered by using a self contained electric HVAC system that fit into a small closet space off the kitchenette. The entire in-law suite fit inside the single car slip of our three car garage. We raised the floor of the in-law suite with wood framing to match the existing finish floor elevation of our home. We used 2x4 wood studs to frame all four perimeter walls. We insulated and dry walled the perimeter walls. Now we had a rectangle of the total square footage for the mother...

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Basement Remodeling Solutions for Mother In Law Suites

Do you have a big basement that would make a great living space for your loved one, but no walk out? That’s not a big problem thanks to the innovation of concrete cutting. Concrete Foundation walls can be cut to exact dimensions for an exterior door with a stairway or walk out that will meet most code requirements for a “secondary egress”. Egress is a term meaning away from confinement or way out”. This “secondary egress” will allow your basement to become a true acceptable “living space”. Remember any area that is a “living space” can be counted as added square footage of your home at resale, increasing its value. The Window Well Did you know there is another solution to creating a secondary egress in concrete walls? It’s a great new product known as “Rockwell” window wells. This awesome new product is economical, strong, smart looking, extremely durable and pretty much maintenance free. Take a look at this product on line at They have a great slide show and list to help you see actual applications and help you simplify your basement mother in-law suite design. A product such as “Rockwell” window wells usually comes in sections that bolt into the existing foundation. These sections simply stack one on another to create a wonderful natural lighting solution to the secondary egress. It can make any basement feel...

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Mother-in-Law Suite vs. Cost of Nursing Home Care

Caring for an older relative can be difficult, and many of us wonder whether we are capable of providing the care our relatives need as they get older and less capable of taking care of themselves.  The good news is that in many cases parents and other relatives who have health and mobility issues can thrive in the home environment.  The key is to make the right preparations and establish a comfortable and safe home environment for your aging loved ones. Building an In-Law Suite Building a so-called mother-in-law suite in your own home can be a great way to keep your loved ones in your home – and out of nursing home care – while still enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones will be safe.  By building safety mechanisms and mobility aids into the suite you will be able to provide excellent care, enjoy precious time together as a family and avoid the cost and difficult adjustments of nursing home care. Caring for your aging loved ones at home with a mother-in-law suite in your own home has a great many advantages – both for your aging relatives and for the rest of your family.  For instance a mother-in-law suite in your home means that your aging parents can remain together, something that is not an option in many nursing homes.  A...

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Mother In Law Suite Basement Conversion

Basement Conversion for Mother In Law Suite - Pictures Sometimes Converting a basement into a mother in law suite is a great way to make a place for Mom thats close and cost effective! Many products and in-law suite designs are available to make this living space and comfortable as possible for both the elderly person being cared for and the care giver alike. Some Contractors even specialize in the area of building custom mother in-law suites Click on any of the pictures below to...

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