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What Is The Life Expectancy For Alzheimer’s Disease

For the patient diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, life becomes a blur of inaccessible memories, and the family must decide how to care for the individual for an uncertain period of time. One of the earliest questions asked of the diagnosing physician is, “how long do we have?” While the doctor wants to give a definite answer, there are some major factors that will directly affect the actual term of life remaining, including: elapsed time prior to diagnosis, the patient’s age when the disease is diagnosed, and the general health of the patient. When an individual experiences memory loss and fears the onset of dementia, efforts are made to compensate for the symptoms of Alzheimer's and prevent friends and family from noticing the change. Leaving notes written to herself will keep her from forgetting to do the simplest tasks associated with getting dressed, preparing meals, or going to the right destination. When her spouse notices the decline, the thought of caring for an Alzheimer patient is too overwhelming to immediately accept the possibility. Both partners compensate for any signs of memory failure. By the time the diagnosis is pronounced sometimes three to five years have elapsed. The life expectancy has not really changed because the day of diagnosis may not be the actual beginning of the countdown. In these cases the life span after diagnosis will appear to be shorter...

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Robot Aging In Place

Technology has been gradually adding convenience to life for years. Now, with the assistance of robots, seniors will soon be aging in place with a degree of security never before dreamed possible. Robot aging in place is a unique concept that is revolutionizing eldercare. With millions of baby boomers approaching their golden years but still valuing the high degree of independence by which their lives have been characterized, robotic technologies are being developed to enable the elderly to receive the assistance they need while allowing them to still live at home. Robots For Aging In Place Tokyo is at the heart of these innovations. With 22 percent of their population already over the age of 65, they are actively searching for ways to improve the quality of life for seniors. In 2007, Secom Co. introduced a new caregiving innovation called My Spoon. A feeding robot, it assists the elderly and disabled with eating by feeding them with a fork and spoon that is controlled by a joystick. For those struggling with the need to use a wheelchair, Fujitsu, Ltd. and Aisin Selki Co. has introduced the TAO Aicle intelligent wheelchair. The wheelchair is programmable to travel to preset locations and uses sensors to respond to obstacles, red lights, and other daily travel issues. Another, from Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology responds to basic commands, making...

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Universal Home Design For Mother In-Law Suites

If you are remodeling space for in-law suite or building a new home with the goal of aging in place there is one phrase that can make the difference of a successful project or poor result. The phrase is “Universal Design”. Universal Design: What is it and why is it important? The definition of universal design is to simplify life for everyone by making more housing usable for a maximum amount of people. Simply put, it is accessible design for the present and future needs of anyone who occupies a habitable space. You could be remodeling for aging parents or adding a full mother in-law suite for your loved one to age in place, there is a criterion that must be met. This criterion is found in Universal Design. Universal Design will give the layout of every type of room to create a barrier free home, with accessible wheelchair ramps, elevators, the height to the bottom of the wall hung kitchen cabinets above the floor level, handrail height, the turning radius for handicap bathrooms and everything else needed to build a totally accessible design home. Accessible Design Resources Where in the world would one find the wealth of knowledge for accessible design? North Carolina State University has a Center for Universal Design in Housing. They have a complete guideline for any question about accessible design. It is a bit...

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Adult Day Care and Mother In Law Suites; A Balanced Approach

I have been getting really good comments from our readers about something very important that goes hand and hand with an In-Law Suite for aging in place. It will allow your loved one to create good interaction with their pear group and create personal freedom for you. The important something is Adult Day Care or senior centers. They can be an important component in your loved one’s life. Adult day care centers will offer physical activity, balanced mental stimulation, new social ties and a new sense of purpose. Different Generations I look at it this way, your loved one is usually from another generation. Just having them come to live with you is not the some total of the answer to a problem. How would you like to go live with a group of teenagers? Even though they may love us, it doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be comfortable interacting with us 24/7. The same should be considered with our loved one. This is why senior day care is a very important building block for the success of aging in place and mother in law suites. If you’re loved one is confined to their home or In-Law Suite, a home care provider is another major building block. It matters not, whether the in home care giver is hired or a family member they must be educated to the basics...

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How We Built Our Garage In-Law Suite

My wife and I knew we had to do something rather quickly for the well being off my mother in-law. She needed 24/7 care. She wanted her own space but was unable to take care of herself. Barb (my wife) and I talked it out. We needed a place she could use on the first level of our house. We had only one place available. It was our attached garage. We decided it was the best to build a garage apartment or Mother in -law suite for Barb's mom there. How We Built Our Garage In-Law Suite We made an entrance door off our laundry area to the single slip of ourgarage. Our garage was deep enough that we built a bedroom, adequate size closet, accessible bathroom with a custom shower, kitchenette and small sitting area. We made the entire space independently tempered by using a self contained electric HVAC system that fit into a small closet space off the kitchenette. The entire in-law suite fit inside the single car slip of our three car garage. We raised the floor of the in-law suite with wood framing to match the existing finish floor elevation of our home. We used 2x4 wood studs to frame all four perimeter walls. We insulated and dry walled the perimeter walls. Now we had a rectangle of the total square footage for the mother...

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