Month: May 2013

Mother In Law Suites: A Growing Trend Among Baby Boomers

Adding a Mother in-law suite is a rapidly growing trend in the US specifically among baby boomers. This trend has caught the attention of many national news sources such as USA Today, MSN, and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. The trend is steadily increasing according to sources and most agree that it will continue to do so. As baby boomers consider the options they have when it comes to caring for an aging parent, many times the choice to build a mother in-law suite or purchase a home with a mother in law suite is best suited for...

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Accessible Kitchen Sinks

When designing a handicapped kitchen for a mother in-law suite or even simply for universal design, one of the biggest challenges is the sink. Most sinks feature a base that is as deep as the counter, and that limits wheelchair access. They may also be too tall for wheelchairs, or they could lack a comfortable place for standing when people have limited mobility. However, there are several models available that help overcome all of these challenges and are easy for handicapped people to use.[margin10] Adjustable Height Kitchen Sink If you are building a mother-in-law apartment to move a family...

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Accessible Appliances And Universal Design

Your body changes over the years, and your ability to access items will also change. A young child cannot reach items that set back on the kitchen counter, but healthy adults have no problem reaching items throughout the kitchen. As you age, your ability to get items out of a top freezer or set up a blender will also start to fail. However, there are several ways to make your appliances more accessible and more functional.[margin10] Easy Baking Standard ovens feature a door that opens low to the ground. This may work well for someone in a wheelchair, but...

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How To Build A Mother In Law Apartment

At a time when many people want to care for their parents and in-laws in their own homes, the idea of turning part of their living quarters into a stylish apartment for say your mother in-law is catching on across America. For instance, an AARP survey noted that more and more seniors are opting to remain with family than moving into more traditional care facilities. In fact, the act of transforming a section of one’s home or even a backyard cottage into a home for Mom is proving to be a great idea in this day and age when senior care homes are charging more than most seniors can afford. Steps To Building An In-Law Living Space When consulting an architect -- about the task of building a proper living space for in-laws – this building expert first raised the red flag about these important steps: Make sure local zoning rules allow you to increase the square footage you desire for adapting an existing structure on your property. Make sure you have the budget to afford the building of a new living space. Make all decisions with the help of the person (mother, father or in-laws) who plans to move in with you, and live on your property. If the mother in-law apartment is detached from your home, make sure there is a proper bedroom suite, a spacious lavatory...

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