Month: April 2013

Mother In Law Suite Bathroom Design

If you have moved an aging parent in with your family, then you will want to make sure he or she is comfortable. With a mother-in-law bathroom as part of his or her suite, you can be confident that your loved one will be both safe and comfortable. Older people often need special bathroom accessories and equipment, and installing the right items will make the bathroom easier to navigate and safe for use. [margin10] Zero-Entry Showers Even if your mother-in-law can handle getting in and out of the bathtub now, it’s important to consider what will happen as she ages and her mobility weakens further. The best mother-in-law suite bathrooms feature zero-entry showers. They are easy to enter even with a walker or wheelchair. With no threshold on the floor to cross, there is nothing on the floor to trip them and cause a bad fall. Water still drains away with a properly sloped floor, and you can also install a floor drain in case some water strays out into the main bathroom. Seating for Safety Special shower chairs provide your father with a place to sit in the shower. Raised toilet seats make it easier for them to sit on the commode. It’s tempting to go with built-in benches for the shower, but these are not as effective with aging people who struggle to stay in a good,...

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Mother In Law Apartment Kitchen Design

When you are designing an in-law suite, you may want to include a kitchen area. This allows your aging parent to still enjoy some autonomy and independence while ensuring that you are still close enough to help if needed. The importance of taking care of themselves should not be underestimated. It promotes positive self-esteem as they age and their bodies start to fail, and it also maintains higher functioning levels mentally and physically. The trick is in designing a kitchen that will work for your mother or father now and as they continue to age. Invest in the Basics The goal is to provide your parent with a small cooking area, so you don’t have to put in a full kitchen with all the bells and whistles. You should have a refrigerator for cold drinks and some basic food staples. A pantry is necessary for canned goods. Other necessities include the sink, counter space, a microwave and a small stove. Appliance Considerations None of the appliances need to be full-size, but they should be easy to operate. Glass-top stoves with sensors that let you know if the stove is hot are a good choice, and look for appliances with large handles and markings that are easy to read. Side-by-side refrigerators allow for easy access to food, and wall ovens are a better choice since users don’t have to bend...

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