Month: February 2013

Bed Rails for Seniors

Generally speaking, growing older brings about a decreased level of mobility and an increased need for assistance in everyday tasks. For seniors, this is especially the case when it comes to getting in and out of bed. Bed rails can make this once effortless task easier and much safer. If you are caring for a parent in your home, possibly in a mother in law suite or other arrangement, you know their comfort and safety is of utmost importance. Adding rails to their bed will give you peace of mind, knowing they can maneuver safely and sleep soundly without...

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How To Find The Best Senior Homecare Products

Making the decision to build a mother in law suite in order to care for your aging parent is a very personal choice. It is essential to have the right information and resources to help you get educated and equipped with the best products for your aging parent and your family. Here at we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible resources to help you and your family find the perfect solutions for your needs. We have been providing free floor plans for Garage mother in-law suites, Basement Mother in-law suites and also Mother in law-suite...

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What Are Floor Plans?

A floor plan is a line drawing of a building's interior layout, outlining each area and basic features such as doorways, closets, rooms, windows, and lighting fixtures. Floor plans are drawn to scale and can be very simple or highly detailed. They give the exact measurements for walls, distance or thickness between walls, widths of windows and doorways, and they show placement of plumbing fixtures, utilities and appliances. Detailed floor plans can include placement of electrical outlets, shelving, cabinets, ceiling fans, fireplaces, sinks, tubs, toilets and showers, stairs, garage doors, and exact measurements for the carpenters' use. The purpose...

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What Is A Granny Flat?

A granny flat is an established secondary residence on a single resident property. This will allow separate living quarters for a family’s in-laws, nanny, or this space may be rented out for extra income. A granny flat is also commonly referred to as an “Mother In-Law Suite” or a “granny suite.” This space will usually include a separate bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and most granny flats will have their own entrance. A granny flat may be finished basement, or above the garage apartment, or a separate guest house that is detached from the actual house. There are a number of...

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