Month: October 2012

Real Life Stories Of A Caregiver

Everyone Loved Dolly My name is Barb and this is my story about how I became a caregiver to my mom, what I learned, and what I wish I did differently. My mom’s name was Florence, though she went by Flo Flo or Dolly. Everyone liked Dolly. She never had any enemies in this world. I think her gift was complimenting people. She had nice things to say to everyone she talked with. She was my best friend and we hung out everyday. Dolly literally helped me raise my four children. She was always there for me, giving me...

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Mother In-Law Suite Floor Plan Collection

Why I Created The Mother In-Law Suite Floor Plan Collection Trying to plan for a living space for you or a loved one is a big undertaking. Each situation will vary on the number of rooms in your mother in-law suite it will take to support you or a loved one. It takes good planning and research to end up with a good space that will meet the occupant’s specific needs. The complexity of the suite will be driven by the amount of support they will need. You might need a space for more than one person. You may...

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