Month: August 2011

What Is Home Care?

As our loved ones grow older, we must sometimes face the difficult task of deciding when they cannot manage on their own. It is a heartbreaking decision that can cause conflicts with our elder family member who wishes to remain independent and is afraid of becoming a burden. There may be disagreements among children concerning when a parent needs help and what level of assistance that parent needs. But there comes a time when everyone must sit down and reach a consensus as to what steps should be taken. Ask Important Questions to Decide The Right Actions When a parent or other elderly or disabled family member suffers from a physical ailment, it may not be too difficult to determine the point at which they need assistance. Making those decisions about a loved one suffering from a mental disability may be more complicated. You will need to ask important questions to decide what actions to take. Is my loved one able to take proper care of himself? Does she remember to take her medications as prescribed? Should he fall or have some other accident, will he be able to call for assistance? Defining Home Care Stages Home care is the providing of assistance to people who need it while maintaining their ability to stay in their own home. There are many levels of home care ranging from occasional in-home...

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Aging In Place Home Solutions

With the cost of healthcare insurance and nursing homes skyrocketing for those with Alzheimer's Disease and other disabilities, how can you provide the best quality of life for your loved one? Aging-In-Place Home Solutions is a division of Myra L. Katz & Associates, Inc., a provider of quality interior design services for healthcare and senior living facilities.  After 25 years in business, Myra Katz launched Aging-In-Place Home Solutions in response to changes in the economy and the growing demand for healthcare applications in the home. “It seems like I’ve come full circle. My parents felt strongly that elders should never feel displaced and we always had grandparents living with us as I was growing up.  My dad, Lester Katz, was a long time builder of multi-family developments in the county. So way before there were senior living communities, his properties were created for seniors living independently.  There were party rooms, pools and guest apartments for visiting family members.  One high rise property even had a popular restaurant onsite and has since been converted to an upscale senior living facility.   Designing healthcare and senior living facilities, along with starting Aging-In-Place Home Solutions, is my way of making a difference.  It’s like a calling.” Here are some of the latest findings, simply put: By the year 2030 there will be 70 million baby boomers over the age of 65, more...

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Correct Setup of Your Walker or Rollator

Setting your Walker to the Correct height If you use or are going to use a walker or rollator you need to make sure you start here. It is very important that you set your walker or rollator to the correct height. Failure to do so can cause all kinds of biomechanical issues like wrist pain, foot and knee issues, shoulder strain and even back pain. Setting the walker to the right height is very easy.  I recommend that you have someone help you to avoid any unwanted accidents. Make sure that you are on a solid level surface. It’s also important that you have study shoes on (preferably the ones that you spend most of your time walking in). Lets get started!! Two Methods to Achieve Proper Height Stand with the walker directly in front of you like you are about to use it. Place the back of both your heels even with the back legs or wheels of the walker. Have your helper set the height of the walker handles to the height of your hip bones. (These are the bones you can feel on the outside, upper part of your leg) While standing there straight your arms will have a bend in them of about 20-30 degrees. Which should feel very comfortable to you. Another option is using the wrist crease method.  Your wrist crease is the area between your...

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Top 3 Cell Phones for Seniors

Are you looking for a new cell phone for your elderly loved one. With so many cell phones to choose from, it can be hard to know that you're making the best purchase. As technology continues to advance, cell phones with advanced features are more common. You want to choose a cell phone that your loved one is able to easily use. The good news is there are many phones available for seniors. Take a look at the following guide to learn more about some of the best senior cell phones. Many caregivers choose from one of the many senior cell phone options from Tracfone. One of the benefits of purchasing a Tracfone phone is the fact that these phones are as low as $19.99. Most Tracfone phones also have vary simple features that allow for anyone to easily use. Their LG 410G has extremely basic features with large buttons for easy of use. Tracfone cell phone plans are also extremely affordable. You have the option to purchase a monthly plan, or to add minutes when needed. This is especially beneficial for seniors who don't use the phone on a regular basis. There's no sense in purchasing a cell phone plan with too many minutes. A Tracfone can serve as a great emergency phone option. Greatcall also offers great plans and mobile phone options for the elderly. Their feature phone,...

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