Month: December 2010

Alzheimers and Coffee

Recent studies have good news to share with coffee lovers. Scientists from all over the country have been testing the effects of caffeine on lab mice who have been induced with common symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease. The mice show signs of memory loss and other cognitive problems. Researchers have provided the mice with caffeinated water which is equivalent to about 500mg of caffeine per day. For humans, this is about five cups of coffee each day. The results from the lab mice tests have been astounding, and many mice have shown cognitive improvement after a couple of months of caffeine consumption. This is good news for many people who love coffee, although results are still inconclusive in humans. Can Coffee Help Treat Alzheimer's? Researchers from Florida State University and the Byrd Alzheimer's Institute in Florida have been some of the leading authorities on the research regarding Alzheimer's and coffee. In their studies, some lab mice were induced with symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer's disease, whereas others served as the normal control group. The lab mice who suffered from memory loss and cognitive disabilities were given caffeinated water. Then, the groups were given memory and thinking tests to check for improvement. The mice who had the caffeinated water performed similarly to the mice who had no symptoms of Alzheimer's. Over the course of a couple of months, with...

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Alzheimers Disease | 5 Educational Videos

Alzheimers Disease is a misunderstood condition that has devastating impacts on those who become infected with it. Because so little research has been funded to find a cure, there is currently no effective treatment to heal victims of Alzheimer’s. After watching, “What is Alzheimer’s Disease” viewers will have a foundation to understand the following four videos. “An Urgent Epidemic” details the astonishing number of infected individuals, the difficulty on global economies and the lack of research funding available to treat the problem. In “The Race to the Cure” viewers discover the groundbreaking technologies that are providing new understanding about how the disease comes to bear. “A Message for Patients and Their Families” directs attention to those who suffer from and with Alzheimer’s disease, how to deal with the subsequent memory loss, personality changes, and disillusionment while staying heartened and optimistic. Finally, “The Genetics of Alzheimer’s” details further, the stages of the disease and talks about those who are more prone to suffer from its effects. Watching the videos with a brief overview of the concepts and sharing this knowledge with state representatives and lawmakers can help the world to find a precious cure for this devastating epidemic What is Alzheimer's Disease An Urgent Epidemic This video covers a few little known facts. Alzheimer’s disease impacts a greater percentage of victims as they age. Only one percent of the population...

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