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  • thanksgiving history and meaning

    The Meaning and History of Thanksgiving

    Hi, I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you a happy day of giving thanks and to remind you to take time this year around your family and/or friends to remind each other of all the gifts we have been given. If you …

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  • PALS Mother in law suite unit

    Practical Assisted Living Structure (PALS)

    A new product that is being introduced for the first time in the nation presents an affordable alternative to the traditional nursing home. While it’s not a panacea, it can very well be of significant benefit to thousands of families faced with the prospect of …

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  • Home remodeling: lead paint mold and asbestos

    Home Renovation Hidden Dangers

    With the continued housing slump across the nation, many families are choosing to build on additions or renovate their old homes instead of taking on the financial burden of a newer, costlier dwelling. While many of these projects can be taken on by the home …

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  • Renovate Garage Space Into Living Space

    In this economy, spacious living quarters that are also affordable can be hard to come by. Many individuals have decided to use their garage space as an additional room by transforming it into a living space. This article will discuss some important aspects to keep …

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  • What is the Life Expectancy for Alzheimer’s?

    What Is The Life Expectancy For Alzheimer’s Disease

    For the patient diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, life becomes a blur of inaccessible memories, and the family must decide how to care for the individual for an uncertain period of time. One of the earliest questions asked of the diagnosing physician is, “how long do …

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