Month: November 2010

The Meaning and History of Thanksgiving

Hi, I wanted to take a few minutes to wish you a happy day of giving thanks and to remind you to take time this year around your family and/or friends to remind each other of all the gifts we have been given. If you wonder what Thanksgiving was originally meant to stand for or just need a reminder, read the proclamation below by the then Governor Of Massachusetts, founding father and patriot, Samuel Adams; A Proclamation For A Day Of Public Thanksgiving. PROCLAMATION. OCTOBER 6, 1796. “Whereas it has pleased God, the Father of all Mercies, to bestow upon us innumerable unmerited favours in the course of the year past; it highly becomes us duly to recollect his goodness, and in a public and solemn manner to express the greatful feelings of our hearts : I have therefore thought fit, with the advice and consent of the Council, to appoint Thursday the 15th day of December next, to be observed as a Day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise to our Divine Benefactor throughout this Commonwealth—Calling upon the Ministers of the Gospel, with their respective Congregations, and the whole body of the People, religiously to observe the said Day by celebrating the Praises of that all-gracious Being, of whose Bounty we have experienced so large a share. He hath prevented Epidemical Diseases from spreading, and afforded us a general...

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Practical Assisted Living Structure (PALS)

A new product that is being introduced for the first time in the nation presents an affordable alternative to the traditional nursing home. While it’s not a panacea, it can very well be of significant benefit to thousands of families faced with the prospect of caring for an elderly or disabled member. Moreover, this new product can also be a major positive factor from the standpoint of third-party payers of healthcare benefits since it can facilitate a dramatic reduction in the cost of health care services provided to beneficiaries of Medicaid and other federal and state-sponsored programs (including those supporting disabled veterans). Modular Mother In Law Suites The Rockfall Company, LLC, a Connecticut-based modular builder and home remodeler, has developed and is currently introducing a modular home addition that can significantly affect the lives of thousands. Their specially-trained staff of Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (“CAPS”, a designation awarded by the National Association of Home Builders in cooperation with AARP) has been focused on the goal of keeping the elderly and handicapped out of institutions, and they may have indeed taken a major step forward. A visit to the company’s website, will present a more complete description of their “Practical Assisted Living Structures”(PALS) modules. These units are modular home additions designed to quickly (e.g. in a matter of days following delivery) and inexpensively modify virtually any home to provide the...

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Home Renovation Hidden Dangers

With the continued housing slump across the nation, many families are choosing to build on additions or renovate their old homes instead of taking on the financial burden of a newer, costlier dwelling. While many of these projects can be taken on by the home owners themselves, involved renovations including additions or converting unfinished spaces to rooms for occupancy require greater project and hazard knowledge. These heavily-involved renovations may require specific technical knowledge of construction like insulation, plumbing, structural integrity and outdated, dangerous chemical recognition. For that reason, some families should concede where their experience ends and hire professionals for their home upgrades. Some of the more mundane renovations that might be needed, especially with an older home, are the updates and removal of structural and interior dangers, like mold, inefficient insulation and outdated wiring. While apparently not as crucial as other aesthetic aspects of a project, like a room addition or ramp for an elderly relative, these initial considerations are in fact of the greatest importance. Home Remodeling Considerations Mold One serious consideration, especially in warmer, humid climates is mold. While most forms of mold are not toxic, some indeed are and can cause serious health consequences. It is therefore necessary to address this concern quickly when beginning a project. Because the presence of mold indicates water leakage, home owners first need to identify the source of this...

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Renovate Garage Space Into Living Space

In this economy, spacious living quarters that are also affordable can be hard to come by. Many individuals have decided to use their garage space as an additional room by transforming it into a living space. This article will discuss some important aspects to keep in mind during the renovation of a garage space. Garage Renovation Basics When considering converting a garage into an additional room, there are basic things to keep in mind. These would include the style, decor, and overall look that you want your new room to have. Since most garage spaces are very basic and...

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What Is The Life Expectancy For Alzheimer’s Disease

For the patient diagnosed with Alzheimers disease, life becomes a blur of inaccessible memories, and the family must decide how to care for the individual for an uncertain period of time. One of the earliest questions asked of the diagnosing physician is, “how long do we have?” While the doctor wants to give a definite answer, there are some major factors that will directly affect the actual term of life remaining, including: elapsed time prior to diagnosis, the patient’s age when the disease is diagnosed, and the general health of the patient. When an individual experiences memory loss and fears the onset of dementia, efforts are made to compensate for the symptoms of Alzheimer's and prevent friends and family from noticing the change. Leaving notes written to herself will keep her from forgetting to do the simplest tasks associated with getting dressed, preparing meals, or going to the right destination. When her spouse notices the decline, the thought of caring for an Alzheimer patient is too overwhelming to immediately accept the possibility. Both partners compensate for any signs of memory failure. By the time the diagnosis is pronounced sometimes three to five years have elapsed. The life expectancy has not really changed because the day of diagnosis may not be the actual beginning of the countdown. In these cases the life span after diagnosis will appear to be shorter...

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